Sentenced assault, Dera Sacha Sauda chief Ram Rahim likewise confronts kill, emasculation charges



Gurmeet Ram Rahim was today indicted assault by a CBI court. Be that as it may, he is as yet confronting a few different genuine accusations including those of murder and mutilation of followers.

Dera Sacha Sauda was built up at Sirsa in 1948 by Shah Mastana Balochistani as a social welfare and otherworldly association. Gurmeet Ram Rahim turned into its head in 1990. He was discovered liable of assaulting two sadhvis at his Dera by a CBI court today at Panchkula.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been in debates as far back as he assumed control as the Dera Sacha Sauda boss. Gurmeet Ram Rahim was given Z+ security by the legislature on the premise of contributions about risk to his life. The security cover will now be pulled back.


The primary huge discussion including Ram Rahim emitted in 1998 when a tyke at Begu town in Sirsa went under a jeep having a place with Dera Sacha Sauda. The villagers turned out in challenge however the Dera endeavored to utilize its strength and quiets them down.

Nearby columnists grabbed the case and announced in detail the exercises and overbearing of the Dera and Gurmeet Ram Rahim. The Dera and its boss reacted with dangers to columnists. The Dera adherents began ringing all the newmen who detailed or distributed reports against Ram Rahim debilitating them with critical outcomes.

A joint panel of nearby writers and the Dera individuals was framed. A town panchayat was held where Dera Sacha Sauda offered composed conciliatory sentiment and the issue was let go.


In 2002, an unknown letter went up against Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Dera Sacha Sauda with affirmations of assault against the “envoy of God”.  The letter, purportedly composed by a sadhvi of the Dera Sachcha Sauda, asserted that Gurmeet Ram Rahim assaulted her more than once.

The Dera individuals pointed the finger at one Ranjeet Singh of Kurukshetra for the letter. Ranjeet Singh had been an individual from the Dera Sacha administration board of trustees. Dera directors presumed that he got his sister, who was a sadhvi at the Dera, to compose the mysterious letter. Ranjeet Singh was killed in July 2002, two months after the letter was composed.

In September, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had requested the CBI test against Ram Rahim in the assault case. The Panchkula court is today conveying decision in a similar issue following 15 years.


In October 2002, columnist Ram Chander Chhattrapati was killed. He is credited with uncovering the unlawful exercises of the Dera pointing fingers at Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Smash Chander Chhattrapati was the supervisor of a little time daily paper Poora Sach.

On October 24, 2002, Ram Chander was shot purportedly by Dera devotees. He passed on November 21 at the Apollo healing facility in New Delhi. This prompted enormous challenges by columnists at Sirsa and different places in Haryana and Punjab requesting activity against Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

The Punjab and Chandigarh High Court requested CBI test in the killings of both Ram Chander and Ranjeet Singh in 2003. The case is as yet pending. Gurmeet Ram Rahim is the primary denounced for the situation.



In May 2007, Gurmeet Ram Rahim again sought discussions with his dressing. He showed up in broad daylight before his supporters at Satawalpura of Bathinda in Punjab in a dress looking like Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru.

A similar photo of Gurmeet Ram Rahim showed up in daily papers as notice. This prompted colossal mayhem and enormous challenges crosswise over Punjab and Delhi. The Dera supporters assaulted Sikh dissenters at Bathinda, where demonstrators consumed the representations of Ram Rahim. A criminal body of evidence was documented against Gurmeet Ram Rahim.


Agitation against Gurmeet Ram Rahim proceeded at a few spots. Amid one of the dissent in May, 2007 at Sunam, Dera supporter let go at challenging Sikhs. An adolescent distinguished as Komal Singh passed on in the terminating.

The Sikh associations took to boulevards and propelled a gigantic crusade for the capture of Gurmeet Ram Rahim. Notwithstanding dissents, the Punjab government put a restriction on Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s entrance into the state.

In June 2007, a request of was recorded in the Bathinda court, which issued a non-bailable warrant against Gurmeet Ram Rahim. This prompted crisp influx of savage dissent however this time the demonstrators were the devotees of Gurmeet Ram Rahim.


In July 2007, the exceptional CBI court judge got a letter debilitating him with repulsive outcomes in the event that he continued against the assault and inappropriate behavior bodies of evidence against Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

The danger letter took after the accommodation of test report or challan by the CBI in the court in the wake of finishing test in the instances of homicides and inappropriate behavior. The CBI had influenced Gurmeet To smash Rahim as the principle charged in the three cases.

The judge looked for security from organization and the cases went on. Gurmeet Ram Rahim was summoned to show up under the watchful eye of the court on August 31.


In 2010, an appeal to was documented in the Punjab and Haryana High Court looking for CBI test charging that previous Dera chief Fakir Chand was missing. The writ request of had been recorded by another previous Dera administrator named Ram Kumar Bishnoi.

Bishnoi charged that Fakir Chand had been executed at the command of Gurmeet Ram Rahim. The high court coordinated the CBI to test the case. Following the court’s request the adherents of Gurmeet Ram Rahim handed vicious over Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab. Open properties were harmed. Transports were determined to flame.

Be that as it may, the CBI recorded a conclusion report refering to absence of proof. Bishnoi has tested the conclusion report in the high court.


In July 2012, Hansraj Chauhan of Fatehabad locale of Haryana documented a request of in the Punjab and Haryana High Court affirming that 400 followers were emasculated at the Dera premises.

The maiming was purportedly done to stay away from lewd gestures of the followers towards sadhvis. The appeal to asserted that the supporters were controlled to experience the mutilation strategy on the appearance of union with God. The case is as of now in trial organize.


Following the capture of so called godman Rampal of Barwala in Hissar region of Haryana, Gurmeet Ram Rahim went under the scanner for supposedly having unlawful weapons at this Dera Sachcha Sauda ashram. A tip-off to police guaranteed that arms preparing was being given at the Dera.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court looked for report from the neighborhood organization on the issue expressing that “preparation of private commandos and equipping them with unlawful weapons to secure a few people would represent a test to the legal, as well as to the state.”



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