Gurugram Hospital Charges Rs 18 Lakh for 15-day Dengue Treatment; Girl Dies


The itemised bill, which runs 19 pages long, shows that Fortis Hospital charged the parents for 661 syringes and 2,700 gloves, among other things, that were supposedly used during the treatment.

New Delhi: The parents of a seven-year-old dengue patient were billed Rs 18 lakh for a 15-day stay by Fortis Hospital in Gurugram. At the end of the stay, the girl, Adya, died.

The itemised bill, which runs 19 pages long, shows that Fortis Hospital charged the parents for 661 syringes and 2,700 gloves, among other things, that were supposedly used during the treatment.

The father, Jayant Singh, who lives in Dwarka, had paid the amount upfront but accused the hospital of inflating the bill and imposing arbitrary costs. Despite the high cost, he said, the doctors paid little attention to Adya’s health.

Union health minister JP Nadda has taken note of the incident and tweeted to offer his support to the family. “Please provide me details on [email protected] We will take all the necessary action,” he tweeted.

Fortis denied any wrongdoing and said it had followed the standard medical procedure. In a statement, it said that the girl was brought in a critical condition and all clinical guidelines were adhered to while treating the patient.

‘Hellish stay’

Speaking to News18, the girl’s father said the stay at Fortis was hellish from the beginning. The girl was shifted to Fortis on August 31 after she was diagnosed with Dengue Type IV and doctors at Rockland Hospital in Dwarka asked him to shift her to a hospital with a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

He said that immediately upon arrival, Adya was sedated heavily and admitted to the PICU. She was jabbed with over 40 injections every day, often with the expensive variety of drugs even when much cheaper options were available. 

Giving an example, Singh said that the doctors gave Adya an intravenous anti-bacterial drug, Meropenem, which costs around Rs 500 per vial. But later they opted for a branded version of the same drug that cost Rs 3,100. At the end, he ended up paying over Rs 4 lakh for the drugs and Rs 2.7 lakhs for consumables like gloves.

Despite the high bills, he alleged, there were no doctors to take care of his daughter on weekends. Once their insurance limit ran out, the hospital started demanding the bill amount at the end of the day, over a lakh per day.

On October 14, the doctors told the parents that the girl had 70-80 per cent brain damage and would never recover completely. They still pushed for a plasma treatment that costs over Rs 15 lakh, Singh said.

It was then that he decided to take Adya to another hospital. Singh said he was not even provided an ambulance by Fortis. He said he suspects that Adya had already died by then and the hospital was just looking to make more money.

Adya’s mother said they couldn’t even cry because they had to pay bills, arrange an ambulance and search for another hospital to certify that she is dead. The girl was ultimately pronounced dead by Rockland Hospital.

The parents of the girl are contemplating whether to sue the hospital and have taken to social media platforms to talk about the incident. “We want the government to at least take out corruption from the medical field. People actually die because of it,” the mother said.

Fortis Statement

Fortis hospital, however, said that Adya had suffered from Dengue shock syndrome and had to be put on life support as her condition kept deteriorating.

“The family was kept informed of the critical condition of the child and the poor prognosis in these situations. As a process, we counselled the family daily on the condition of the child,” it said in a statement.

“On 14th September, 17, family decided to take her away from the hospital against medical advice (LAMA – Leave Against Medical Advice) and she succumbed the same day,” it added.

The hospital also said that the girl was critical right from the time of admission, requiring Intensive monitoring. “Treatment during these 15 days included mechanical ventilation, high frequency ventilation, continuous renal replacement therapy, intravenous antibiotics, inotropes, sedation and analgesia.”

“Care of ventilated patients in ICU requires a high number of consumables as per globally accepted infection control protocols. All consumables are transparently reflected in records and charged as per actuals,” it said.

The case came into light when Union health minister JP Nadda responded to a family friend’s tweet expressing outrage about the billing. “We will take all the necessary actions,” the minister said on Twitter






  1. The same scenario is picturised in the Bollywood movie “Gabbar is Back” in which the Fake Doctors of a renowned Hospital make money out of a “Dead Patient”. Also a man is shown paying bills for her wife after which the hospital discloses that her wife is no more. It’s not only medical field, but education too has become highly commercialized. Not all, but bigger hospitals are definitely looting in the sense that anybody getting admitted in big hospital will be in a ready position to pay heavy charges whether the patient gets cured or not. But definitely they would have given more attention when this had been brought into media limelight in the initial stage of admission only. I would say the representatives of such bigger hospitals like this should try itself to sink themselves in the sprinkle of water. But they won’t as such they are thick skin of money made buffaloes to whom how much ever u inject, never affects.

  2. People should totally avoid visiting this type of large corporate Hospitals whatever the problem. Also in case of admission of patients to any Hospital one should enquire about the incurring cost on regular basis.
    Any way first things first, BOYCOTT “FORTIS HOSPITAL”. Please take immense measures to circulate this message.

  3. This is what happens when health & educational services are left to private sector, they don’t compete in providing cheap medical aid or better services at moderate rates but set standards by charging more this suits some who wants boast their wealth. But person with limited means find it a raw deal. A big contribution is made by health insurance cashless facility, as you enter Pvt hospital, question asked is if covered by insurance. The patient is told just told to sign the bills raised by hospital without looking into it as he is not paying from pocket. Problem arises as amount insured get exhausted patient still require medication. Since Modi Govt came to power, health budget is continuing to reduce instead increasing with rising population pushing people towards health insurance cover & private hospitals.

  4. It has became trend to loot from patient it should be strictly investigate d and those behind this must be hanged .in other countries see the regulatory all medical services /hospitals doctors must be brought under this regulations and fair justice must be given to suffered family .it is some for our country that still family are victims of medical improper treatment in such a high repute hospital.

  5. If THOSE DOCTORS/HOSPITALS(Relates Only to Those Who Open their Eyes Wide for ONLY MONEY and THINK NO VALUE FOR OTHER samelike them HUMANBEING LIFE) and Who Look/See/Think/Dominate Patients and their Relatives Once they Arrive in to Hospital for Disease Treatment, as ANIMALS/MOSQUITOES. Ofcourse, Let them make money, but NOT TO MAKE MONEY LIKE MINTING MONEY..! They must Ever Remember that THEY TOO ARE CHILDREN OF THIER PARENTS and also PARENTS TO THEIR CHILDREN..! One Fine Day, Irrespective of time, Anybody should go to Hospital or atleast a Clinic. Then they will recall/realise their Deeds..! Has God of Medicine, SHUSRUTHA said to COLLECT HEFTY MONEY from the Patients for the Treatment they do ha..?!
    Doctors/Hospitals, Please Understand that Patients coming to You also are HUMAN BEINGS like YOU..! Kindly DONOT PLAY WITH THE SENTIMENTAL ATTACHMENTS OF THE PARENTS TO THIER KIDS..! Time will Not Spare/Time will come for Everyone..! Please Remember “WE COME BARE HAND and also GO BARE HAND SHOWING OUR HAND to the Open Sky”..! In this Life Game, Please make money to your Soul’s Satisfaction, But Not to Satisfy others..! There is still to tell, but of no use I believe..!
    If any verbal mistakes in my writing kindly forgive me..!

  6. The articles supplyed and total money charged seems to be very high.Now a days most of the big hospitals are charging this manner even in some cases after death of the patient.A quite awareness among people should be created to raise a voice against these situations.Govt.shouls frame a policy for this type of LOOT by the Corporate Hospitals.

  7. Honourable Union Health Minister must check the rates at which consumibles/medicines were procured by the hospital and the rate applied for billing upto an extent of 18 lacs.This simple exercise will be enough to prove the LOOT KHASOT of the so called well reputed hospital.

  8. The hospitals have become butcheries and the doctors butchers. I have seen poor people from villages selling their lands, ornaments and other valuable assets to pay of the inflated medical bills. Height of corruption!!! God save us…..

  9. Forget about safety of patients and corruption, this FEKU govt. is more worried about building SHAMSHAAN GHAAT (ie.,Ram mandir) after so many deaths due to communal riots that place ayodya has became a burial ground (SHAMSHAAN GHAAT) and pacifying the hooligans of karni sena that is also for a film. It seems ridiculous but this is true. This only worried about vote bank politics.BJP does only lip service to either ‘development’ or ‘corruption’.

  10. My cousin also died because of dengue. He was admitted in Max padpad ganj hospital. Doctor took care or him after 2 days they shifted on ventilator then he passed away….but doctors denied to give their body because they were demanding for 6 lakh after submitting money they released their body.

    Now a days these private hospital are shelter of hell.

  11. These private hospitals have made their business. They have targets to accomplish n number of tests, admission, billing on a daily basis. Now a days, Hospitals are earning like anything. They have a great business now a days. They dont bother who can pay plenty of money or who cannot, they just need to accomplish their targets. No humanity is left. They are ready to cut the neck of everyone by accomplishing their targets.

  12. same thing happened with my father in Jan 2013A bastard doctor Kalra of Sir Ganga ram hospital did brain surgery wihout any reasons and my father went in coma never to recover . We spent around 6 lacs and could not take on fraud doctor as we were grieved due to loss of our beloved father

  13. Nobody will take action, this issue will run for few days than everybody will forget
    If government take action , you will not get answer soon
    People should take action by breaking the hospital, so that other hospital will not do the same mistake

  14. Most of the hospitals are like this. They earn money on corpse. They take advantage of our emotions. My neighbour also died like this. She was pregnant. Very sad one. Once our money finishes they advice for another big hospital. Very sad as health became big business now a days. Govt should take seriously the issue.

  15. This practical issue must be eye opener for Health Ministry.Health care cost at Corporate Hospitals are exorbitant.How many patient can afford it?
    Government is bringing so many laws and acts on Small size Hospitals/Nursing Homes,that is making these hospitals run has become very difficult.
    Private Health Care is backbone of Health care services in small and big Towns.
    Government Hospitals are in pathetic conditions.
    High time for rethink and make logical decisions.

  16. Any how they get the Permission government, but thier is no control of such Hospital, what is the reason behind it, unable to understand, even though they don’t have the fear of society, just they minting the money on dead bodies, because of attachment what we have with family members.

  17. मानवता मर चुकी है , हास्पिटल अब केवल लूट केंद्र बन गए हैं , सरकारी हास्पिटल साधन विहीन है, सरकार केवल घोषणायें कर रही हैं आम नागरिक मुसीबत मे जाये कहाँ? त्राहि माम त्राहि माम ।

  18. Government should take strick action against this behavior. They are to help public not to loot them, this days everything become business they dnt care about saving life…

  19. This is out right robbery. The Government should audit the hospital accounts and the IT should step in to check the personal accounts of the doctors, nurses, staff and the hospital’s managers and directors. This fleecing of the patients should not be tolerated. If need the Government should close the hospital till a thorougher investigation and audit is completed. The bank accounts of the hospital should be frozen in the meanwhile.

  20. If patient dies then hospital should have no right to ask any money and should refund the money taken either to the family or to the insurance agency.

  21. We elected Ministry of Government to social service to People by monitoring control of all Private Medical Institutions giving right treatment with reasonable Cost.But the Government authority is not checking and control of these institutions since they are all supported (Corruption money)and running by Politician relatives

  22. Why only Fortis blame to Govt policy there is no regulatory for medical consumebles
    All over India can see different MRP and chemists sale which has high MRP
    GOVT should fixed MRP and Like gloves which is for safty to doctors why patient should bear the cost , hospital should bear it

  23. Why only Fortis blame to Govt policy there is no regulatory for medical condumebles
    All over India can see different MRP and chemists sale which has high MRP
    GOVT should fixed MRP and Like gloves which is for safty to doctors why patient should bear the cost hospital should bear it

  24. Latest Hindi movie ” Gabbar is back” had a scine of these type of hospital.
    Government never close this type hospital because mantri ministro ka paisa is tarah ke hospital Mai laga hota hai.

  25. These are the white collared crimes, right from the ward boy to the management everybody is a professional criminal.
    Govt has to do something.
    Resticate them from the Medical empanelment immediately.

  26. Govt must cancel the licence and make arrangements for treating dengue like problems in camps places with special care and attention for general public.

  27. Mostly all of the hospitals are doing like that only..if patient supporters have lot of money then they doing like that to cheat them.. In my life my mother was died with the same incident. When we realize that hospital making drama and we decided to change the hospital same day they said my mother was died and demanded to pay all the balance money. Everywhere corruption is there.


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