Jharkhand MLAs want liquor shop inside Vidhan Sabha complex because queues outside are long

The Jharkhand government recently decided to cancel all liquor shop licenses and opened its own, and now, Jharkhand MLAs want a liquor shop inside the Vidhan Sabha complex.

Honourable Members of Legislative Assembly in Jharkhand want a liquor shop inside the Vidhan Sabha complex. With this new requirement, MLAs might be leaping the bar now.

They will raise the demand in the next Assembly meeting.

The Jharkhand MLAs want a liquor store inside Vidhan Sabha complex because buying alcohol from outside has become too much of a grind.

The Jharkhand government has started selling liquor at shops which it opened in the state.

The state government recently decided to cancel all liquor shop licenses and only sell alcohol at licensed shops which are allotted through auctions.

The problem is that the state government shops are few and far between.

The shops, evidently, have long queues at the counters. This leads to frequent brawls, even before the folks are sloshed. And since Indians are not uniquely challenged to stand in a queue, one has to dirty one’s hands and clothes in the melee.

Long queues are tantamount to unnecessary ruckus and soon, the punches and the kicks start to fly around the liquor shops.

Now in that case, one can imagine a kurta pyjama-clad MLA at a liquor store, tripping in the queue, without a single sip of booze. The picture renders humour and must be best enjoyed with some chuckles and ‘chakhna’.

The onset of winters means the queues become longer, and patience wears thin. This comes as a hindrance and the MLAs used to their regular evening pegs have had enough.


The Jharkhand Assembly winter session is scheduled to begin on December 12. The MLAs plan to seek Speaker Dinesh Oraon’s help. They want to convince Chief Minister Raghubar Das that there is a need for a liquor outlet inside the Assembly complex.

According to their argument, the government has taken it upon itself to sell it to the people through state-run shops, what’s the hesitation in selling it inside the Assembly complex then?

Even main opposition in the state — Jharkhand Mukti Morcha — has supported the move. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha leader Hemant Soren told that the MLAs have raised this issue during a meeting. He said it would be better if the issue is raised in the Assembly.

Inspired by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s policy of total prohibition, the Jharkhand government decided to have a partial one.

Soon, the liquor shops were ordered to close. Then the government opened its own outlets. But these outlets are normally on the outskirts of Jharkhand cities and towns. These shops stay open till 10 pm.

Getting high is getting tough, so the tough have gotten going. Well, we expect some heat in the winter session.


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