PM Modi’s credibility unparalleled, Congress has lost sense of proportion: BJP

It is the Congress which injected corruption into the body politic of India and its culture of corruption “destroyed” the country, BJP’s Prakash Javadekar claimed.

Hitting back at the Congress, the BJP on Wednesday accused Rahul Gandhi’s office of playing a role of “instrument of corruption” during the UPA rule and said the Congress had lost its “sense of proportion” as it could not level a single charge of graft against Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose credibility was “unparalleled”.

Union minister Prakash Javadekar’s attack on the Congress chief came on a day when the latter accused Modi of being an “instrument of corruption” and targeted him over escape of Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi, who are accused in different scams.

Such baseless allegations recoil on those who make it, the BJP leader said while listing a number of corruption cases allegedly involving the Congress.

Responding to the charge, Javadekar told PTI that the Congress is synonymous with corruption and recalled former Union minister Jayanthi Natarajan’s letter to the then party chief Sonia Gandhi about interventions by Rahul Gandhi’s office in her work.

It is the Congress which injected corruption into the body politic of India and its culture of corruption “destroyed” the country, he claimed.

“The Congress is synonymous with corruption and Rahul Gandhi’s office has played a role of instrument of corruption in scams… This (her letter) is a testimony to that,” he said.

Let Rahul Gandhi tell the country why the 2G licenses were “arbitrarily” allotted, prompting the Supreme Court to cancel it, how and on whose messages coal block allocations were made, he asked.

Javadekar noted that the then prime minister Manmohan Singh had signed coal block allocation files as he held the coal ministry portfolio and that the apex court had cancelled these allocations.

The Congress chief’s “baseless” allegations against the prime minister was driven by his party’s “frustration” as Modi’s credibility is”unparalleled” and the opposition party could not level a single charge of corruption against him, he said.

“In desperation, the Congress has lost all sense of proportion. Such baseless allegations recoil on those who make it,” he said.
Javadekar also raked up the Bofors case, asking who made it possible for Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi to flee with his loot and who unfroze his back account.


  1. Arrogance never pays, so is the case with Narendra Modi. Mrs Gandhi could have brought down the percentage of the poor but as the poor were the major part of the vote bank,she never wanted it to happen. She was an expert in the field of oratory like our PM.She gave hopes to the poor that the silver lining of the clouds is not far from them.The poor lived in hopes and in the end died with their unfulfilled hopes which later got passed over to their descendants, this is how the ball kept rolling and is still rolling.Now the new PM started showing the bait of achche din and day in and day out frustration is increasing among’st the people and he does’nt have time as he is either busy in the skies or in his pursuit for becoming self proclaimed leader of the world with the help of event management companies.He trusts those who are eyeing at his chair and advising him to take wrong actions.A huge number of India’s population is of people who are 60+.90% of them are against him as his Finance Minister has purposely started beating about the bush of the benefits he has given to sr.citizens. He has more than 100 crores but can he tell how many oldies are there with nothing.He talks about dignified life for them.Shame to him.I Foretell in advance that forget 2019. I am 77 and can have feelings about future.Exit Gates are becoming bigger each passing day. Beware.


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