Congress president Rahul Gandhi has indicated he is ready to become prime minister if his party emerges the largest in 2019, prompting BJP to call it a pipe dream.

“It depends on how well the Congress does in the election…If it emerges the biggest party, yes why not?”, Gandhi today replied at an interaction in Bengaluru to a question on whether he was ready for the top job.

The question came up after the Congress president claimed that BJP won’t be able to form the next government and that he was “pretty confident” Narendra Modi would not be the next prime minister.

“If the Congress acts as a “platform” (with other parties in a coalition), the BJP does not stand a chance of winning the elections,” he said at a function during his campaign for the Karnataka elections.

This is the second time when Rahul Gandhi has indicated that is ready to become Prime Minister if Congress gets a majority in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Last year in September he told a group of students in Berkley university in US that he was “absolutely ready” to be the prime ministerial candidate if the party wants it.

Shortly after he made the remark today morning, BJP mocked him by calling it a “pipe dream” and its party spokesperson Sambit Patra wondered whether Gandhi has asked bis bhais and didis – a reference to Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati, who are likely to call the shots in any anti-BJP platform that comes up – before making that statement.

Senior Congress leaders rushed to back their president with former union minister P Chidambaram saying that was the wish of everybody in the Congress. Kapil Sibal, another former union minister who was approached for a response , shot back: “Why not?”



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