Karnataka election results live updates: BJP single-largest party, Congress far behind



  • According to the latest trends, BJP is the single-largest party in Karnataka, while Congress is considerably behind in the race to the majority mark.
  • The Times of India brings to you minute-by-minute updates of the counting for the voting in Karnataka assembly election 2018.

Trends at 1.30pm show Congress leading on 73 seats, BJP on 107 seats, and JD(S)+ on 40 seats.
* Both central and coastal Karnataka have shown to favour BJP, with the party leading on 18 seats in coastal areas, and 24 seats in central parts of the state.
* Congress, on the other hand, is leading on three seats in coastal Karnataka, and 11 seats in central areas.
* Till now, BJP has won in seven constituencies:

– Saundatti Yellamma
– Naragund
– Shiggaon
– Shimoga rural
– Tirthahalli
– Mudigere
– Sullia
* Congress candidate from Mangaluru, UT Abdul Khader, has won.
* JD(S) heavyweight Sharada Puryanaik loses his Shimoga Rural seat to BJP’s KB Ashok Naik.
* Latest trends at 12.52pm show Congress leading on 71 seats, BJP leading on 109 seats and and JD(S)+ leading on 40 seats.
* In areas marred by the Mahadayi river dispute, BJP has managed to establish a lead in 8 seats. Congress is a close second, currently leading on 5 seats of the area.
* Congress’s Laxmi R Hebbalkar is leading in Belagavi Rural.
* Congress candidate from BMT Layout, Ramalinga Reddy, is leading.
* BJP leader KS Eshwarappa is leading in Shivamogga constituency.
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* JD(S) candidate Sharada Puryanaik is leading in Shimoga rural.
* We would like to thank all the voters of Karnataka who stuck by the agenda of development: Nirmala Sitharaman
* CM Siddaramaiah loses from Chamundeshwari constituency.
* In areas marked by the Cauvery dispute, JD(S)+ is leading on maximum seats: 27.
* Leads show BJP has gained 28 seats in constituencies marked by agrarian crisis.

* Trends at 10.59am show BJP as the single-largest party, leading on 121 seats. Congress is considerably behind at the moment, with leads in 59 constituencies. JD(S)+ is leading on 40 seats.
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* BJP is leading on almost double the seats than those of Congress in both urban and rural areas of Karnataka.

* Congress local leader DK Shivakumar is leading in his constituency Kanakapura.
* In both SC and ST constituencies across Karnataka, BJP is leading on maximum seats.
* Vokkaliga community of Karnataka has come out and voted for JD(S)+ in large numbers. Trends show that the party is leading on 25 seats in the Vokkaliga dominant region of Karnataka.
* Congress star candidates — Laxmi Hebbalkar from Belagavi rural, and G Parameshwara from Koratagere — are leading.
* BJP inches close to the majority mark of 113, is now leading on 111 seats.
* JD(S)+ is ahead on 27 seats in the Old Mysuru area.
* In areas of Karnataka marked by an agrarian crisis, BJP and Congress are tied, each leading on 27 seats.
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* BJP’s Nippani candidate Jolle Shashikala Annasaheb is leading.
* Latest trends from across the state show Congress is leading on 77 seats while BJP is leading on 95 seats. JD(S)+ is leading on 42 seats.
* BJP’s heavyweight B Sreeramulu is trailing in Badami, where Congress’s Siddaramaiah is leading. Sreeramulu is also contesting from another constituency, Molakalmuru, where he is leading.
* BJP has taken a lead in coastal Karnataka, with leads in 11 constituencies. Congress is leading on 6 seats.
* Among the Lingayat dominant constituencies, BJP is leading on maximum seats: 29. Congress is quite far behind, with leads in 9 constituencies. JD(S)+ is, at the moment, leading in 6 constituencies.

* In Yeddyurappa’s stronghold, BJP is leading on 7 seats, JD(S)+ is leading on 3 seats while Congress is leading on one.
* Congress is now leading on 81 seats while BJP is leading on 93. JD(S) is leading on 33 seats, as of 9.24am.
* JD(S) candidate HD Kumaraswamy is leading in Ramanagaram. Another party heavyweight HD Revanna is also leading in his constituency Holenarasipur.
* BJP chief minister candidates B S Yeddyurappa is leading in his constituency Shikaripura.
* Congress moves up on 79 seats, while BJP is ahead on 85 seats.
* It is a close fight between BJP and Congress, with Congress leading on 75 seats and BJP leading on 77 seats at 9.02am.
* BJP takes over Congress, is now leading on 78 seats. Congress is leading on 67 seats, while JD(S)+ has moved up to lead on 25 seats.
* Siddaramaiah is leading in Badami.
* BJP is closing in, with 52 seats at 8.31am. Congress is leading on 58 seats. JD(S)+ is gaining, with leads on 16 seats for now.
* Congress has taken a lead on 45 seats as of 8.26am.

* CM Siddaramaiah is trailing in Chamundeshwari. He is contesting from two constituencies, Chamundeshwari and Badami.
* Congress is now leading on 22 seats, while BJP is closing up with 17. JD(S)+ has moved up to 7.
* BJP is leading on 6 seats, while JD(S)+ is ahead on three.
* Congress takes early lead in counting, trends show the party is ahead on 18 seats.

* Exit polls have predicted a neck and neck competition between the main contenders – the Indian National Congress (INC) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

* The state had recorded a 72.13 per cent polling during the elections.

* Voting had taken place on May 12, 2018.
* Counting for the 2018 Karnataka assembly elections has begun.



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