Get Driving License Through Online by this Process…


Get Driving License Through Online by this Process…

DigiLocker, a government platform for online issuance and verification of documents, has partnered with the ‘Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for making digital Driving License (DL) and vehicle registration certificates (RC) available to Indian citizens, according to the official website of DigiLocker- Under this partnership, DigiLocker is now directly integrated with the National Register, which is the national database of driving license and vehicle registration data across the country, said DigiLocker. DigiLocker users can now easily access their digital RC and DL both on desktop computers and on mobile devices.

The evolution of internet has made a tremendous change in the lifestyle of the people on the planet earth. Human beings are depending so much on it, that it is difficult to survive without internet even for one hour. The usage of internet has its share of pros and cons. If used for the betterment of the lives, it can bring the smile on scores of people. One such thing is DigiLocker.

What is DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is a “digital locker” service operated by the Government of India which enables the Indian citizens to store certain official documents in the cloud. The service is aimed to reduce the need to carry physical documents. It is a part of the Government’s Digital India Initiative.


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