Pantyhose to no nail polish: Fashion rules Meghan Markle has to follow


    If you thought being a Royal was all about fancy clothes and fairytale weddings, that’s not really the case.

    Take Meghan Markle, for example. The Suits actress tied the knot with Britain’s Prince Harry on May 19 this year, and has made several stunning public appearances since.

    For her first Trooping the Colour ceremony, Meghan chose a pink off-shoulder Carolina Herrera dress, paired with a Philip Treacy hat, and all hell broke loose.

    Not everyone, however, was happy with what the Duchess of Sussex wore at the event.

    Because as a Royal, Meghan is supposed to follow several rules. The off-shoulder dress did not exactly fit there.

    Rule 1: Must have a black outfit packed

    This will be applicable whenever Meghan goes travelling. This is in case a senior member of the Royal family dies suddenly, and the other royals must be in suitable attire.

    This stems from Queen Elizabeth II’s personal experience, as she was abroad when her father, King George VI passed away.

    As she had no mourning attire with her, she was forced to wait on the plane when she returned to London, so a black outfit could be brought to her.

    Rule 2: No hats after 6pm

    One of the Royal rules dictates that you don’t wear a headgear other than a tiara after 6pm.

    Meghan has been rocking her headgear at recent royal engagements. But all of them must be off by 6pm.

    Rule 3: No colourful nail paint

    It may seem like a small detail, but dark or colourful nails are banned.

    Meghan did opt for a pale pink colour for her wedding and engagement. But the rule IS that Royal women should stick to pale, natural and light shades only.

    Rule 4: No fur

    This a long-standing rule dating back to the 14th Century, when King Edward III banned all royals from wearing fur.

    But William and Kate infamously broke this rule when they wore fur scarves while on a tour of Canada.

    Rule 5: Must wear weights in their dress hems

    To avoid Royal women having a Marilyn Monroe moment, it’s said that weights are sewn into the hem to stop them flying up in the breeze.

    But Kate Middleton has clearly not followed this rule, with instances of her skirt being caught in gusts of wind.

    Rule 6: No bare legs

    A Royal female must wear a pair of pantyhose.

    Meghan Markle too followed suit when she stepped out in a pair of nude tights with her dress on her first appearance post her wedding with Prince Harry.


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