Election 2019 – Why you should not vote for Modi in 2019


With the NDA government nearing its 5-year stint, we take a look at how the Indian economy has developed, how the life of the common man has improved and how democracy has evolved into something which is ideal.

The man behind the rise to power of BJP, our beloved prime minister Narendra Modi is portrayed as the man who would change the face of India and bring a new era of development and communal harmony. He made bold claims in his election campaigns and still to this day tries to bend history his way to make his stage cameos.

While the mainstream media keep their mouth shut on his shortcomings, there has been a sense of resentment among the people of India, and many believe the country is worse off from where it was years ago.

And to an extent, this seems to hold true.

Here are some of the facts which the then BJP leaders included in their hate speeches against the UPA government which is to affect the Election 2019

• Mixing Religion with politics- Although every party practiced this, the Modi government has stepped up its game in spreading false messages and in overall is creating a situation where communal harmony is nonexistent. It is a dangerous game being played by the Modi government with many of the youths ruining their lives for false claims raised by the BJP.

• Violence against women- Many BJP leaders accused the former government of being lazy in taking action against violent acts and claimed that it is destroying democracy. With Narendra Modi in power, the amount of rapes and widespread violence towards women has risen rapidly and many respectable reports now advising tourists not to visit India. India became the least safe country for women in 2018 according to a report.

• Petrol Prices- this was the central conversation theme in many BJP protests and many even claiming the government was purposely looting the public. Well, this has in a way backfired as petrol prices rose to an all-time high, while the costs for crude oil remain lower than at the time of the UPA government.

• The promise to farmers- Narendra Modi vouched for the better wellbeing of farmers. They are still in dire need, and national leaders have completely ignored them. This situation has reflected in the farmers staging protests in many parts of the country. Along with the farmers, many qualified youths got lured because of the job promised which never came.

• Hyped up campaigns- Nowadays when the government brings forward a new scheme or policy it gets advertised like the new constitution. It is the same for every BJP campaign where the advertisements and mass media manipulate the actual story and raise it as the success story of the government. In essence, there is little or no good happening to the general citizen. Let’s take the example of Demonetization, it disrupted the lives of many and yielded pathetic results. The amount of black money restored was minimal if it’s compared to the claims which the BJP made.

Should India select Modi in 2019?

Two years before, Election 2019 looked to be a cakewalk for Modi as the odds of another party rising to power seemed bleak. But due to the poor governance and the lack of growth, election 2019 shapes up to be one to watch out.
The chances of Modi in 2019 seem to be less and less favorable to the former Gujrat chief minister. While his bold claims and false representations of Indian history may please the gathered Bhakts, the rational Indian has identified him to be not competent with the role of prime minister.

The BJP has spent more than any other party for advertisements, this has angered many with people demanding explanations, but the party is busy spreading the message of Hindutva while the prime minister travels foreign countries with no real intention or motive.

Many are of the firm belief that a better India is one which does not have the Modi involved with it.

What do you think, Let us know in comments section below.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha , what a joke, if you see this period as no growth, you are biased or a agent of failures, scammers, looters. Overall growth rate registered in all the fields in India is fantastic inspite of very weak economy seen internationally.

  2. all parties are corrupt and all have short comings. but BJP with Modiji as leader is doing great works even with short comings. Your statements regarding people’s view of Modiji and BJP doesnt hold weightage and can be stated as false. Please dont campaign for parties which are for Pakistan and also favouring towards only Muslim community in india. For such parties, muslim votes are important than indian prosperity.

  3. There is no choice. Modi/Bjp is the only solution. Other parties are very bad when united. Known devil is the best than unknown.

  4. You’re spreading negativism. Because negativity won’t do anything good for the country. We’ve been seeing this for last 70 years. Instead you should highlights his good works for the common people. His fight against corruption, grass-root level reforms, steps to strengthening our defense and what no. So please look through your inner self first and be a constructive critic.

  5. You are totally false and biased so far as anti Modi representations. You have not given any proof about your claims. You are part of political agent and stop such type of canvassing anti BJP. Who paid to you ? You should be logical, proof with you etc. You will loose your popularity and existence soon, if you continued such type of misleading efforts and creating environment against Modi. You should think first nation interest in stead of your vested interest. Sorry.

  6. Your view of anti-BJP can be understood as you Pretistitutes are sidelined by Modi on his forCeign tour.
    All his ministers are working great. Only you people have problems with elevating India from poverty to forefront. Your days of making capital out of Dalits and Muslims are gone.
    Watch next, Congress will further reduce if they don’t improve and stop appeasing pseudo seculars like Sharad Pawar and Mamata and Mulayam, Laloo and other jingbang.
    First time in history I feel proud to be Indian under Modi Govt. Go abroad and listen to the diaspora.

  7. Sorry Sir, We don’t agree with you on any point.
    You are totally biased. Sri Modiji is the BEST PRIME MINISTER
    we ever had , next only to Sri VAJPAYEEJI.
    not for other corrupt parties.


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