Rape cases fast-tracked, internal security tightened, says PM Modi

India’s internal security had been provided a solid buffer, says prime Minister Narendra Modi during his address to the nation on the 72nd Independence Day

New Delhi: Against the backdrop of statistics citing four rapes in India every day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the nation on the 72nd Independence Day, stated that rape cases had been fast tracked to ensure maximum punishment to the rapists.

“All rape cases have been fast tracked and now within five days the courts announce capital punishment for rapists. Now the faster we deal out punishment in such cases, the perpetrators of the crime will be that much more deterred. Rule of law is supreme and no one can take the law in their hands. They should know that women ought to be respected. And this is something we should teach everyone in our families,” PM Modi said.

Modi’s statement comes in the wake of the recent cases of alleged sexual assault in shelter homes in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur and Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria earlier this month, following which the Supreme Court has said that “as per the NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) data, 38,947 cases of rape were reported in 2016, which means every day, four women are raped.”

Speaking on India’s 72nd Independence Day, PM Modi also added that the country’s soldiers had been tirelessly working and sacrificing their lives.

“Our police jawans are tirelessly working for the country. I salute our army soldiers, our paramilitary forces and our police jawans for their continued valour and sacrifice,” he said.

Bringing out the surgical strike conducted by the Indian army in September 2016, PM Modi added that such strikes had pushed back and deterred the “enemy.”

“Our country’s soldiers reach wherever there is trouble and serve with dedication and love and this same army conducts a surgical strike when the need arises and pushes the enemy back with equal force,” he added.

Stressing on the fact that India’s internal security had been provided a solid buffer, Modi added that it was with the collective effort of the Indian army jawans, the paramilitary forces and the intelligence officers that had provided a safety net to the country.

“In Jammu and Kashmir, Atal Bihari Vajpayee had stressed on ‘Insaaniyat Jamuriyat and Kashmiriyat’ and we are working towards establishing just that. We have been targeting for complete development across Jammu and Kashmir and we are progressing with this sentiment not with “goli and gaali” (bullets and abuse) but with love and development,” Modi said.


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