A Pie for everyone: Android Pie ‘Go edition’ coming this fall

Pie’s Go edition provides increased storage and deeper voice integration, apart from apps optimised to perform better on devices with lower specifications.

Amid the Android Pie craze, Google has announced the “Go edition” of its latest OS. With this version, Google is promising faster boot times, better security features that include verified boot and a new dashboard that tracks and monitors data usage. The Android Pie Go edition will roll out to smartphones later this fall.

The look and feel of the Android Pie Go edition is similar to the original Pie, except some redesigned apps that come with the “Go” branding. The biggest change though, is it provides increased storage and deeper voice integration. This basically means the OS takes up less space on a device, hence freeing up 500MB of additional storage out of the box when compared to the previous versions of Android Go.

The philosophy behind the Go edition remains the same – Provide powerful, high-quality device experiences to first-time and entry-level smartphone users.

Android Pie Go: New features

Voice integration:

With deeper voice integration, Google Go now offers the ability to read webpages aloud and highlights each word so you can follow along.

YouTube Go:

A stripped down version of YouTube Go consumes less data and comes with a “gallery mode” for downloaded content.


Maps Go also gets an update. It now comes with navigation, so people with unstable connections can now use turn-by-turn directions. Navigation contains all the modes available on the original version like the car, bus and walk modes.

Peer-to-peer data transfer:

Go edition’s file browser, Files Go, is now capable of transferring data peer-to-peer, without using mobile data, at speeds up to 490Mbps.

Additional language support for Assistant Go:

Assistant Go now supports additional languages, including Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Indonesian, and has expanded support for device actions like controlling Bluetooth, camera and flashlight, and added reminders.


The Messages app is now 50 percent smaller in size and the Phone App includes caller ID and spam detection.


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