No Permits Required For EVs And Alternate Fuel CVs: Minister Of Road Transport and Highways


The government has been working on a scheme which would help to encourage the use of commercial electric vehicles for city transport and this would be done by removing all necessary permits needed to run commercial vehicles in the country. A big announcement came from the Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, as he made it official today at the 58th SIAM convention that electric vehicles, cars with ethanol, methanol, bio-fuel and even CNG will be exempted from all permits required for commercial vehicles, making it easier for operators to get into the market help build city transport.

Nitin Gadkari said, “I am happy to announce at this SIAM convention, that all EVs, and all cars using alternate fuels like bio-fuel, ethanol, methanol and even CNG are now exempt of any commercial permits”

Permits such as Contract Carriage Buses Permits, stage carrier permits, goods carriers, maxi cab, radio taxis and all India tourist permit make up for all the requisite permits required for different categories of commercial vehicles by the state government. It’s a time consuming as also costly affair for vehicle owners to get these permits as also renew them.

With the requirement for permits removed, it’s definitely going to be a smooth process for vehicle owners as also fleet operators. The move comes as a big push for the electric vehicles as also vehicles running on alternate fuels, all of which guide the consumers in the direction of low carbon footprint and low emissions.


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