You can lose your money from net banking! Never do this thing


Citizen alert! Cyber criminals have come up with a new kind of fraud where they are duping people by obtaining their OTPs and CVV numbers. Bank account holders must be careful so that they do not lose their hard earned money. The loss can be crippling. Here is what happened to this man. According to reports a 21-year-old mastermind, a resident of Mathura, Sameer along his associate, Tahir (35), duped a Connaught Place-based gym owner of Rs 63,000. The investigation of the same had been initiated on September 3, after the victim lodged a complaint with the Delhi Police, where he said that sometime back he received a call from a person who enquired about a gym membership fee and asked him whether he could make the payment online. Promising to transfer the money for the membership, the person hung up, according to the Times of India.

However, later the criminal called again saying that he is unable to transfer the money and asked the victim to stay on the phone while they carry out the transaction. Then after some time, the crook called again asking the gym owner to share an OTP so that he could link both the bank accounts.

On sharing the OTP, a sum of Rs 14,999 and 12,999 got immediately debited from the victim’s Paytm account in two transactions, and another Rs 20,000 from his bank account later. This is not the end of the story. On the very next day, the crook debited another Rs 14,999 from gym owner’s PayTM account without any OTP. To which it was clear that the fraud got access to the details of the victim’s bank account after which he changed his account details.

They were eventually nabbed by the Delhi Police, however, bank account holders must never take this step where they divulge the details of their account as well as the OTP number to anyone.


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