11 Silly Things You Do When You Start Liking Someone


Times have changed and people behave a lot differently when they start to like someone. In the age of social media and hotly anticipated weekends, we can often behave a little weirdly. What is the first thing you do when you see someone attractive? Do you take out your phone? Why? Think! Here are some things that we all relate to:

1. You scan their social media so you’re prepared for that first conversation

2. You share screenshots of your conversations with your best friend

3. You fret over when you can finally upload their photos to Instagram

4. You hit like on their posts even if you don’t like them that much

5. You encourage even casual sexism memes

6. Clam up and avoid using the word “love” when you’re around them

7. You cringe about the fact that you like them but still can’t express your feelings thinking they may not be on the same page

8. Laughing at their jokes even when they are not funny

9. You stalk their random exes after he or she mentions them in a conversation

10. Even if you don’t follow every word of their conversation, you follow all their posts on Instagram

11. Refuse to admit to yourself that you’re doing any of these things

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