Samsung files a lawsuit against its brand ambassador for publicly using Apple iPhone X; demands damages of $1.6 million


Samsung is no stranger to courtrooms and lawsuits as it has been part on some of the most high profile cases in the technology world. The company has visited courtrooms both while defending itself against a lawsuit or taking on the offensive stance by filing a lawsuit against its rivals. If one of the recent reports on the internet is any indication then it looks like Samsung has again visited the courtroom. But this time it is to file a case on its brand ambassador in Russia claiming breach of contract.

You might be inclined to ask about what prompted the company to file a lawsuit on a public figure that the company paid in the first place to represent the company. And you would be correct in asking the question as Samsung has filed the lawsuit with a demand of $1.6 million in damages. To cut to the chase, the company filed the lawsuit because its brand ambassador, Ksenia Sobchak, a television host, politician, and journalist was caught using an Apple iPhone X publicly. You may think that it was a misunderstanding and she might just be checking out the device.

However, that was not the case and she was actively trying to hide the device. According to a report by Gizchina, this is not the first time that Sobchak was spotted using iOS devices at public events. But it looks like a recent television interview was the reason behind the lawsuit.

Taking a close look at a short clip of the television interview, we could see that Sobchak was using an iPhone and constantly trying to conceal the device from the camera. As pointed in the report, she is not the first one to be sued for breach of contract and other public figures including Ellen Degeneres and Adam Levine was also involved in similar cases.


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