Samsung revamps Galaxy interface with One UI: Top features, release date and more


At Samsung’s developer conference 2018 in San Francisco, the company showcased One UI, a refreshed interface design for its smartphones. The One UI which is Samsung’s new custom skin comes with significant changes including Focus Blocks, a ‘system-wide’ Night mode etc. The new One UI will be coming with the Android Pie update on Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note 9 starting January 2019.

Here are all the details of Samsung’s new interface, One UI, its release and devices that will get the revamped look.

What is Samsung One UI?

The One UI is Samsung’s new interface designed for its Android smartphones. The new look feature refreshed design with rounded corners, redesigned icons, and colourful apps. Samsung’s One UI puts relevant content near the bottom of the screen so that the user can access with their thumb.

Samsung One UI: Top features

Samsung’s redesigned user interface feature ‘Focus Blocks’ which essentially ‘group’ things together like related settings to get access to it easily. The feature makes a lot of sense when a consumer is using a big-screen device, say, the Galaxy Note 9, for instance.

With the new interface focussing on larger screen phones, One UI now place key interaction areas at the bottom of the screen so that is within the reach of your thumb. On the previous iteration, one had to tap at the top of the screen to access several features. Samsung cites that it is the “most user-focused smartphone UX” the company has produced to date.

In addition, several of Samsung’s bundled app will now have more “viewing area” at the top, easy to read header text and interaction area at the bottom half of the screen. The move is to make the user interface intuitive and easier to use.

Other changes on the new One UI include Night mode that uses a dark background for comfortable reading in the dark. The new software is also said to colour match the hardware to provide a ‘more focused and recognisable experience.’ The new One UI will basically theme itself to match the colour of the phone.

Samsung One UI: Release date

Samsung On UI early preview will roll out in the US, Germany and Korea this month, followed by Europe and Asia. The One UI will be coming with the Android Pie update on Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy Note 9 starting January 2019. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S8, S8+ or Galaxy Note 8 will not be updated to One UI, which is based on Android 9.0 Pie.


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