Avengers 4 trailer, title out this Friday? A Marvel fan has a compelling theory to back this claim


Marvel fans are counting the days to the release of Avengers trailer and title reveal. The production house, as is its wont, has dropped barely any information about the definite date though. Marvel president Kevin Feige did confirm that the trailer of the film will release before the end of 2018. For the lack of a definite date, fans are coming up with new theories.

According to a report in Inverse, a fan tweeted a picture of a page from Marvel’s Captain Marvel Prelude comic that had released on November 14. In that, written above a picture of Thanos is, ‘To find out how Tony Stark disappeared and what’s happening in Wakanda, check it out: Avengers Prelude’.

The fan captioned this image, “This was at the end of the #CaptainMarvel prelude comic… the first #Avengers4 trailer has to come out before its first prelude comic… right?” The prelude is slated to release on December 5, which — as per the fan –confirms that the trailer will release before then.

This coupled with Hollywood insider Daniel RPK’s latest tweet about Avengers 4 trailer suggests that we do not have to wait much longer to find out the official title of the film and get a sneak peek at what lies ahead in the future. He tweeted, “Unconfirmed but a very reliable source is claiming the trailer for Avengers 4 is coming THIS Friday!”

It must noted that the trailer of Avengers Infinity War was released on November 29, 2017 and this year directors Joe and Anthony Russo are also organising a screening of Avengers Infinity War on November 28, followed by a question and answer session further suggesting that the trailer would be out by then. There has of course been no official confirmation about the trailer release as of now.

Avengers 4 is slated to release in Summer 2019 and will be a conclusion to current phase of Marvel films up.


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