Modi should get a ‘tight slap of democracy’: Mamata Banerjee


    PURULIA/BANKURA: PM Narendra Modi’s “Triple-T (Trinamool Tolabaji Tax)” barb at Trinamool Congress invited the strongest-yet response from CM Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday, who said the PM should get a “tight slap of democracy”.

    “I do not bow my head in politics. When Modi alleges that Trinamool Congress is a party of syndicates… its government is run by syndicates, I feel he should get a tight slap of democracy (be defeated in elections),” she said at a public meeting at Raghunathpur, Purulia.

    Banerjee added: “I have seen many PMs but never seen a bigger liar than Modi. He is a bad influence on young minds. If Modi comes back to power, he will destroy democracy. He is changing history, geography and even the Constitution…”


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