Just Got Your Driver’s Permit? There’s More to Safety than Seatbelts

Learning to drive is both challenging and exhilarating. Moreover, getting a driver’s permit feels like an important milestone achieved. With a  license in hand, you know you can drive to your heart’s content now.

However, as a starter, you must know that a good driver not just drives smoothly, but also safely. Therefore, in your new found excitement, be sure that you don’t act fast and furious.  This means you should always keep safety in mind while out on the road.

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Usually, most drivers limit the word ‘safety’ to wearing seat belts. However, there’s more to safety that you must know to be a good driver. Here are a few things you should know:

  1. Accelerate Gently

We know you get a kick when you set foot on the accelerator and give it a push. However, going from a complete halt to high speed immediately is bad for your vehicle’s engine and also unsafe.

The sudden transition can cause a jerk and may injure your fellow passengers or people on the road. Therefore, practice self-control and accelerate slowly to increase speed.

  1. Steer Smoothly

With the steering wheel in your hands, you feel powerful and free. However, it is important to have steady control of the steering wheel throughout. Whether you’re taking a turn, or driving straight ahead, steer smoothly but firmly. This will ensure that you don’t suddenly ram into another vehicle and continue enjoying a smooth ride.

  1. Maintain a Safe Speed

Speed excites almost everyone. So, as you gradually get better at driving, you may want to exceed the speed limit as posted on road signals. However, engineers conduct a thorough investigation before fixing up a speed limit for a given stretch. They consider the road type, traffic volume, accident history, and other such factors. So, maintain a safe speed.

  1. Brake Slowly

Some drivers ignore the importance of pulling the brakes at a reasonable distance. This causes their vehicle to stop with a jerk. Pulling the brakes at the last second can cause a collision in not just your car, but also in several other vehicles behind you.

This may cause discomfort to the fellow passengers and result in physical harm if the jerk is too sudden. So, brake slowly when there’s a reasonable distance between your car and the other object.

  1. Develop Road Signage Awareness

Many people are either not aware of the meaning of various road signs or just ignore it. However, to qualify as a good driver, you should not just be aware of these but also pay heed to them.

The safety signals, road signs, and pavement markings all indicate something relevant. So, no matter how great you become at navigating your way through the roads, always follow these. This will help you stay safe and on track too.

  1. Use Vehicle Signals Mindfully

The indicators on the vehicle communicate to others as to which way you intend to drive. So, be alert while driving and use these indicators when needed to prevent confusion among other vehicles. Moreover, also stay mindful of the behavior of other drivers to respond immediately from your end.

Furthermore, you should try using horn sparingly as it may annoy other drivers.

  1. Drive in The Correct Lane

According to a report published by Ministry of Road Transport and Highway, as many as 12,257 accidents in 2016 occurred while changing lanes or overtaking. Usually, in a bid to make your way out of the jam, you may want to change lanes to get ahead. However, doing so callously can result in a major accident.

Therefore, use rear view and side mirrors carefully before changing lanes. This will ensure that you navigate safely and soundly, without causing harm to anyone.

  1. Avoid Using Phone While Driving

These days many people like to utilize their time while on the go. But using your phone that too without a handsfree can be seriously dangerous while driving. Talking on the phone causes distraction and may result in an accident.

Therefore, avoid using a phone while you drive. However, if it is unavoidable, then use a handsfree or connect AUX cable to talk, while keeping your both hands on the steering wheel.

  1. Always have Comprehensive Accident Insurance

Driving on today’s busy roads can be challenging. While you may be following safety rules, you can’t trust other drivers on the road. That is what increases the chances of accidents nowadays. So, along with having mandatory vehicle insurance, you must also have accident insurance. Having accident insurance ensures that you’re better prepared to deal with any untoward happening that may catch you off guard on the road.

Reputable insurers like Tata AIG General Insurance offer accident insurance policies which provide a sum of money against the injuries suffered and compensation for any disability caused. Moreover, some policies also offer daily benefit amount for each day of hospitalization, and benefits such as monthly income to your family to ensure financial stability. Having a driver’s permit will cover you legally, but accident insurance will cover you financially.

So, buy one today and enjoy all the rides to come!





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