Wedding Cakes and its Beliefs


Wedding Cakes and its Beliefs

Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships between two people. The newly married couple cut their wedding cake to celebrate their relationship. They cut their first cake together in the hope of being together forever. Precisely, a wedding without a celebration and wedding cake is always incomplete

In the earlier times, the wedding cakes were simple. However, now the cake is being displayed as a centerpiece of the decor and served to welcome the good luck to all the guests and especially, the newly married couple. Sometimes, the cakes are not even served to the guests.

A stunning wedding cake is often the centerpiece of a wedding and it typically sits in a place of honor at the reception. It was a tradition started by the Romans in medieval time

There are different theories exist behind the origins of wedding cake, including an Ancient Roman tradition. At that time, The Cakes were made of made of wheat or barley was crushed over the bride’s head as part of the ceremony. It is believed that eating a few crumbs from the cake would bring good fortune. Over the centuries there have been many traditions created when it comes to wedding cakes and it still remains an important aspect of any wedding. Let’s discuss about wedding cakes and its belief to get an idea about the wedding cakes.

v Basic details about the wedding cakes:

Nowadays, wedding cakes are available in every size and designs. You name the design and the cake is ready. Generally, the modern pastry chefs do their best to reflect the personalities of the bride and groom in the wedding cake. A bunch of online pastry stores is available on the internet to order your cake directly to your home. Irrespective of any locations, a cake can easily be ordered. However, availing cake order in Bengaluru service is no more daunting task.

v Wedding cake as a holy symbol:

Wedding cakes have been an important part of a wedding ceremony for ages. In 1840, when Queen Victoria wore a white lace wedding dress at her wedding to Prince Albert, since then the white color is attached to the wedding ceremonies. White color is considered as a symbol of virginity and purity in Western culture.  Traditionally, the wedding cake was known as the bride’s cake and the color white became popular. In Tibetan locations, the wedding couple begins to cut the multi-tier cake form the lowest level up to the top. Plus, they offer the first slice of the grand wedding cake to the parents as a symbol of honor and respect.

v Superstitions of the wedding cake:

Wedding cake comes with a bunch of superstitions and beliefs. According to the traditional rituals, the maidens would be invited to pull the ribbons which are attached at the lowest tier of the cake and one of these ribbons contains a charm or a ring. It is believed that whosoever gets the charm will be the next one to marry. In some countries, people break the wedding cake on the head of the bride to welcome fertility and good fortune for the couple. Today also, many people think that eating the crumbs of the wedding cake will bring them good luck as it is a pure symbol of happiness.

v Different types of wedding cakes:

The variety of wedding cakes is widely expanded. The couple chooses their wedding cake according to the wedding decor and overall theme. The most typical and widely chosen wedding cake is the one with white frosting with multi-tiers. It is generally decorated with edible decorative items, such as flowers, ribbons, fondant decorations, etc. In Indonesia, people believe that the tall tiered cake predicts the prosperity of the married couple. In the United States, a three-tiered cake is quite common. A rich fruitcake along with white icing is considered ideal in the United Kingdom and Australia. Along with the white frosting different flavored layers are added according to the demand of the couple. Some of the popular choices for wedding cakes include vanilla sponge, chocolate sponge, carrot cake, Italian Rum, Italian cream, etc.

Wedding cakes are surrounded by a ton of superstitions. It is a true symbol of happiness, respect, honor, and love. Multi-tier wedding cakes contain a lot of myths as a frosting on them but if it is analyzed practically, then multi-tier cakes just work as a centerpiece and gather a ton of attention of the party. Plus, multi-tier cakes can serve a large number of guests.



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