Here’s The Best Time to Buy Your Airline Tickets For The Lowest Price


A worldwide study of air travel trends released by Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) and Expedia Inc, finds that taking a vacation this year definitely got easier, thanks to less pressure on the wallet. The report highlighted when booking a journey can affect its cost considerably.

According to the report by ARC and Expedia group, data specialists from both places analysed ARC’s global flight data and lodging trends to find out how can passengers save money on travel. After examining variables, including when travellers may book their tickets and when their journey begins as well as its duration, they came to the conclusion that timing matters when booking tickets.

According to the report, the five key tips for saving on travel in 2019 include:

— Booking flight tickets at least three weeks ahead of travel

— Booking flights on weekends

— Booking hotels on Friday nights

— Starting the journey on a Thursday or Friday

— Extending short or week-day only trips to include a Saturday night.

Speaking to Aol, Christie Hudson, senior communications manager for Expedia North America revealed that one should book tickets at least 30 days prior to the journey to avoid last-minute premiums.

The Aol report further states that one should avoid starting a vacation on Sundays and economy and premium fares are the lowest when one flies out on a Thursday or Friday. Choosing to fly on those days can save travellers around 10 per cent, according to the report.

The report further states that Economy and premium cap in ATP’s tend to be lower when booked on a weekend and can save passengers up to 20 per cent. On the other hand, the most expensive tickets tend to be booked on Thursdays and Fridays.

Finally, the report states that by extending weekday travel to include a Saturday night can save travellers around 25 per cent of the weekday-only return fare.


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