After tweet quoting him, Satya Nadella posts on CAA


NEW DELHI: A couple of hours after BuzzFeed News’ editor-in-chief Ben Smith posted a tweet quoting him on the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, Microsoft’s global CEO Satya Nadella issued a more nuanced statement on the subject.

“Every country will and should define its borders, protect national security and set immigration policy accordingly. And in democracies, that is something that the people and their governments will debate and define within those bounds. I’m shaped by my Indian heritage, growing up in a multicultural India and my immigrant experience in the US. My hope is for an India where an immigrant can aspire to found a prosperous start-up or lead a multinational corporation benefitting Indian society and the economy at large,” said the statement issued by Nadella.

Earlier, Smith’s tweet quoted Nadella as saying, “I think what is happening is sad… It’s just bad…. I would love to see a Bangladeshi immigrant who comes to India and creates the next unicorn in India or becomes the next CEO of Infosys.” Smith said Nadella made the comment in response to a question at a meeting with editors during a Microsoft event.

The government on Monday came out in strong defence of Jawaharlal Nehru University vice-chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar — who has been under fire for his alleged failure to reach out to students and restore normalcy on the campus — with Union HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal praising the VC’s “good work” in an exclusive interview with TOI.

The Centre last week issued a gazette notification announcing that the CAA has come into effect from January 10, 2020. The CAA was passed by Parliament on December 11.

According to the legislation, members of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christian communities who have come from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan till December 31, 2014 due to religious persecution will not be treated as illegal immigrants but given Indian citizenship.

There have been widespread protests against the Act in different parts of the country.


  1. It is unfortunate that many Indians who are well settled and toiled hard and got a name in USA are insulting their own country. Knowing very well how in USA or in any other western country, you cannot enter even if you have one bad data and you cannot stay even a day more than the days given in VISA. Such people are advising India that Let Bangladesh People migrate in India illegal and create next unicorn in India or become CEO of Infosys. I feel laughing on their common sense and intellectual level. They have double standards. while living in USA they except all proper things but when it come to India their parent country they do no want any proper rule should come. Shame on Naddela or other such high profile Indians in USA. India needs a very dedicated effort from successful people like you to create laws and rules like in USA. Please do not give such third class advice to India. We may take more time but warn you giving third class advice to our country.

  2. The problem is how the thing is being presented.No one opposes any intelligent man from any country any race any religion in india or from outside to come and establish a company create a great future for himself and others however problem is if the same person comes thru illegal route is illiterate is very very draconian religiously considers others as infidals or outdated medieval thought process and just increases the population to tomorrow over ride the country people themselves and may be have situation like syria or lebanon than that will not be acceptable to any country including india which has always been a a nation allowing immigrants but than immigrant has to be like parsee who made india gold like tata and many others.And that is what Amrica did and does now get the best brains from all countries and have a undefeatable country


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