Cannot withdraw cash from ATM in lockdown! Bank will deliver home delivery


A 21-day lockdown has been announced due to Corona virus across the country. This means that you cannot get out of the house during this time. However, exemption is given in some circumstances.

One of these situations is the withdrawal of cash from ATMs. But if the ATM machine is far away from your house then you may have problems. In such a situation, we are going to tell you about a facility through which you can ask for cash sitting at home.

In fact, most banks in the country do home delivery of cash with certain conditions. But for this, it is important to have money in your bank account. Apart from SBI, almost all major banks in the private sector are included in these banks.

-SBI gives customers the facility to collect cash at home, deposit money under doorstep delivery. Currently, this facility is only for senior citizens, differently abled or customers with special registration. Its fee is 100 rupees.

Similarly, HDFC also provides cash at home. Its range can be from five to 25 thousand rupees. Some charge will also have to be paid for this.

Customers of ICICI Bank have to login to Bank @ homeservice for cash delivery or can also connect with the facility by calling Customercare

Similarly, Axis Bank also provides doorstep cash facility. For more information, click on on the bank’s website.
Apart from this, banks or many companies also provide the facility of loans sitting at home. For this, information has to be taken by visiting the website of the app or bank.

However, the RBI has appealed to people for digital transactions. Actually, the possibility of spread of corona virus from the cache is being expressed. This is the reason why emphasis is being placed on digital transactions.




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