COVID 19: Three weddings were happening together, ran away when police reached

Villagers who came to the banquet ran towards the fields after seeing the police coming, the event was being organized in Fatehabad. The police stopped the preparations and gave strict instructions to the organizers that section 144 is applicable in the area due to Corona blasts and lockdown has been done in the country.

Fatehabad: Due to Coronavirus, the whole world has stopped. The Central and State Governments have also put their full emphasis to ensure that they do not reach the third stage in India. There are circumstances with curfew in the whole country. But there are some people in the country who do not care about themselves or others. One such case was seen in a village in Fatehabad. Where three weddings of the same family were held. During this time, a large number of villagers gathered in Dhani, situated in the middle of the fields, for a feast.

Seeing the police, the villagers fled with their feet
When the administration got information about this, the police immediately reached the spot. The event was stopped immediately. Seeing the police coming, the villagers were seen running in the fields. During this, the police gave strict instructions to the organizers that in view of the corona in the area, Section 144 is applicable and lockdown has been done across the country. No event can be organized in such a situation. Strict action will be taken on doing this. After this the event was stopped. At the same time, the police also seized the goods of tents and confectioners. During this, there was an atmosphere of stampede after seeing the police.

Number of Haryana Corona positive patients 17 In
Haryana, two new cases of coronavirus have been reported on Wednesday. Now the number of infected patients has reached 17. New patients have arrived in Faridabad and Panipat on Wednesday. Panipat’s patient was employed as a nurse at Medanta Hospital in Gurugram. He is now kept in the isolation ward of Panipat. The number of patients in Panipat has now increased to three.


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