23 girlfriends had gone on a date with friends, boyfriend ran away after seeing bill of 2 lakh


Beijing A strange case has come to light in China in which a boyfriend went on a date with his girlfriend but secretly ran away without paying the bill. Actually, this girl had come on a date with 23 of her other friends and her food bill had gone into lakhs, which the boy ran away without paying. It was a blind date and before that both were connected to each other only through phone and social media.

girl told that she had brought 23 friends with her to the blind dinner to check her lover’s generosity. Initially everything was fine but seeing the rising bill, her lover got nervous and she thought it better to run away. According to the girl, when it was time to pay the bills after the dinner was over, her boyfriend had left from there. After which the girl had to pay the restaurant bill of 19,800 yuan.

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The mother had decided that
according to the blind date report, this case is from eastern China’s Zhejiang province. A young man named Liu went to a blind date fixed by his mother. He had never met that girl before. However, Liu fled the restaurant after seeing the bill of 19,800 yuan. When the girlfriend tried to contact Liu after finishing dinner, he could not find anywhere. After which, after losing tired, the girlfriend had to pay for her dinner.

Later, when the girl reached the police after complaining about this, Liu’s investigation began. After being caught, Liu agreed to pay only two tables of bills. That is, even after this, the girl had to pay 15,402 yuan (Rs 169444). People have commented a lot about this news in China’s social media as well. Most people favor Liu, while criticizing the woman’s behavior.


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