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30 years old actress became romantic with groom in marriage, liplocked in front of guests, trolled

Krishna Mukherjee Troll : The 30-year-old actress became romantic with the groom at the wedding, did Liplock in front of the guests, the angry people said – have some patience

New Delhi : Actress became romantic with husband in marriage ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’ fame actress Krishna Mukherjee has tied the knot. The wedding photos of the actress have become popular on social media. Krishna Mukherjee married her boyfriend Chirag Batliwala twice.

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The actress first took seven rounds of Bengali rituals. After this they got married according to Parsi tradition. Krishna Mukherjee, 30, has shared photos of both the weddings on her Instagram handle. She is looking stunning in the bridal outfit.

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The pictures of the Parsi wedding of the actress have become viral on social media. The couple was seen getting romantic in the Parsi wedding. In the pictures of the wedding, Krishna Mukherjee is seen lip-locking her groom Chirag. In another picture, Chirag is seen taking the actress in her lap and lip-locking her romantically.

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Fans are very fond of the dream photos of the wedding of the actress. But many people are trolling her for being romantic in marriage like this. One user wrote – Kissing in marriage has become the most important custom for these people. Don’t know what shows do with this. Another user wrote – Where did Kiss come from in marrying customs? Trolling the actress, another user wrote – Hey sister, have some patience… why so shameless? Actress Sana Khan will become the mother of the first child, wrote a post after telling the good news, prayed

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