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7th Pay Commission: Biggest Update on 3% DA of Central Employees! Salary will increase by Rs 67,000 from this month, Know calculation

7th Pay Commission Updates: After 11% hike, 28% dearness allowance is being received by central employees, now their salary is going to rise once again. Know the calculation here. 


New Delhi: 7th Pay Commission DA Latest news: Central employees are once again waiting for DA Hike. After increasing 28% DA, now 3 percent DA (3% DA) is to be increased in the coming days. Till now it was being told that DA can come in the festive season. Actually, after the increase in DA, there will be a good jump in the salary of central government employees.

Dearness allowance is being received from July at the rate of 28 percent. But, now it will increase by 3 percent more. That is, DA will reach 31 percent. Employees will get this good news in the month of December.

Dearness allowance will increase again 

After increasing the Dearness Allowance (DA) again, the dearness allowance will increase by 3 percent i.e. it will be 31 percent instead of 28 percent. But the picture is not clear yet on when it will be announced. But there is a demand from the employees union that the government should soon announce an increase of 3% dearness allowance, so that the employees can get some relief from inflation. The data of AICPI index is out. The index has reached 121.7. In such a situation, the dearness allowance for June 2021 is set to increase by 3%. The index for June 2021 has increased by 1.1 points, taking it to 121.7.

Decision may be taken in September

It is being estimated that the Dearness Allowance (DA) for June 2021 may be announced by mid-September. At the same time, its payment can also be done with the salary of September. The employees union says that they do not have arrears of one and a half years, but if the dearness allowance for June is announced and paid in September, then the government should also give arrears for two months July and August. The government has refused to pay arrears of one and a half years. In such a situation, if June 2021 is announced, then it will be a big relief for the employees.

Dearness Allowance will be 31%

It is clear from the data that dearness allowance will be 31.18 percent, but, the calculation of DA is done in round figure. In this case DA will be 31%. So far, dearness allowance has been 28%. Including the increase of DA in June 2021, it will now be 31 percent. However, it is not clear when it will be announced and paid. But, it is expected that government employees can get good news by the middle of September.

Calculation on 31% DA 

Now if the dearness allowance increases by 3 percent in June, then the total DA will become 31 percent. According to the 7th Pay Commission Matrix, the salary range of Level-1 of central employees ranges from Rs 18,000 to Rs 56900. Now on the basic salary of Rs 18,000, the total annual dearness allowance will be Rs 66,960. But talking about the difference, the annual increase in salary will be Rs 30,240.


1. Basic salary of the employee Rs 18,000

2. New dearness allowance (31%) Rs 5580/month

3. Dearness allowance so far (17%) Rs 3060/month

4. How much dearness allowance increased 5580-3060 = Rs 2520/month

5. Annual salary increase 2520X12 = Rs 30,240



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