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7th Pay Commission: Tomorrow 1.2 crore central employees will get good news! 3 DA arrears money will come in the account?

7th Pay Commission Latest Updates: The employee organization is very positive regarding the meeting of tomorrow, Saturday, June 26. After the restoration of DA from July 1, if they get arrears of dearness allowance, then there will be a sudden big jump in their salary.

7th Pay Commission Latest News Updates: The news that was awaited for the Dearness Allowance (DA) and Dearness Relief (DR) of 52 lakh central employees and 61 lakh pensioners for the last one and a half year has arrived. The National Council of JCM, an organization representing the central government employees, will hold a meeting with the officials of the central government tomorrow.

Tomorrow you will get good news regarding DA arrears

A meeting with the officials of the National Council of JCM, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) and the Finance Ministry will be held tomorrow. This meeting was scheduled to be held on May 8 last month, but due to the Corona epidemic, this meeting was postponed. Since then there was speculation about its new date.

DA arrears will be discussed in the meeting tomorrow

National Council of JCM’s Shiva Gopal Mishra said that the main objective of this meeting would be to pay the DA arrears of 7th Pay Commission (7th Pay Commission) to the central employees and 7th Pay Commission DR benefits to the retired central government employees. The National Council of JCM has informed that this meeting will be chaired by the Cabinet Secretary of India.

Good news for 1.2 crore people!

Shiva Gopal Mishra said that the attitude of the Cabinet Secretary and the Finance Ministry regarding DA, DR arrears is very positive, because it is an issue related to 1.2 crore central government employees and pensioners. Therefore, the National Council of JCM is very optimistic about this meeting, they hope that good news will emerge out of the meeting.

DA will be increased from 1st July

The Central Government had announced to resume the DA, DR of the employees from July 1, but nothing was officially said about the 3 outstanding DA. There are apprehensions in the minds of the employees regarding this. Employees expect that the government will give their arrears along with the DA hike from July 1.

DA freeze for last one and a half year

Let us tell you that the government had frozen three installments of dearness allowance of employees (1 January-2020, 1 July-2020 and 1 January-2021). Employees are getting 17% dearness allowance from July, 2019, because after that the next increase was to take place on January 1, 2020, which was frozen. That is, there has been no change in the dearness allowance of the employees for one and a half years, while it is amended every 6 months.



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