Aadhaar update: what has changed in Aadhaar card, every information will be found online


How to get Aadhaar Update History, UIDAI, Aadhaar: In our country, Aadhaar card has been recognized as an identity card. Today, the Aadhaar card is becoming such a need for all of us, without which a lot of our work cannot be possible. To get the convenience of many services within the country, it has become necessary to have an Aadhaar card. It is also being used as an identity card based on the recognition given by UIDAI, the issuing body.

The dependence on Aadhar card has increased considerably in the country. In banks across the country, it has become necessary for customers to link their accounts with the Aadhaar card. At present, it has become mandatory to link Aadhaar card with bank account, PAN card, mobile number etc.

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If you want to know where your Aadhaar has been updated, now you can easily check it online. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has provided the facility for Aadhaar card holders to view the updated history of Aadhaar online.

This feature of UIDAI has been launched in beta version. At present, if your information does not match, then information like name, address, mobile number can be changed. If you change your address in Aadhaar, or you made the Aadhaar card in childhood and want to change its photo when you grow up, then you can easily update it by changing it through online medium.

How to check Aadhaar update history

First, the Aadhaar cardholder will have to go to the UIDAI website and click on the Aadhaar update history. After this a section will open. After which the users have to fill the Aadhaar number or Virtual ID and Security Captcha. After this, you have to enter security captcha and as soon as you enter it, one time password will come on your registered mobile number. As soon as you enter the OTP, you will be able to see your Aadhaar update history.


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