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Aamna Sharif took workshop to learn abuses, kept gun with her even while sleeping

There is no need to tell anyone how much bo*ld content is shown in the web series. Now Aamna Sharif is about to step into this world. She has worked hard for her role in the web series ‘Damaged’.

New Delhi: Beautiful actress Aamna Sharif is once again going to step into the entertainment world. Aamna, who once breathed her life in a romantic role, will now be seen wielding a gun. Aamna, who was a part of projects like Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, will now return to the OTT platform. Aamna will be seen playing an important role in the web series ‘Damaged’. Aamna is happy that she was offered a role through which she can challenge the actor in her.

Will be seen in web series

In an interview, Aamna Sharif spoke openly about her project and her character. I had worked in ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2’ recently and then deliberately took a little break. Now you will be able to see me on the screen more than before. My role in this web series is not only that of a tough police officer but it is also a slightly gray shade role.

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Fierce ki roll preparation

Aamna Sharif told how she prepared for this role. She said, ‘I wanted to completely immerse myself in the character and for this I did some workshops with my director and also worked a lot on myself.’ Aamna told that she was completely cut off from her close friends and social circle 10 days before the shoot.

Was not related to the gun

Aamna Sharif said, ‘I just wanted to be in myself. I watched a lot of interviews and documentary films of police officers. I did all this to understand her mannerisms, her body language and to understand how he behaves in the environment. I have many such scenes in which I have used a gun which I have never used in my entire life.

lee workshop for abuses

Aamna Sharif said, ‘My director Vikrant sir gave me a gun before shooting, which I used to keep with me at home.’ She (director) said, “Practice, try to make it a part of your life so that when you come on the set, your holding a gun doesn’t feel unnatural.” Aamna told that she never abused in life, so she had to take a workshop for it too so that the abuses would look natural on the screen. She practiced abusing for several days.



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