AC Bill: Despite running the AC all day, electricity bill will come down, follow 4 simple tips


A lot of people do not run this also because the electricity bill is very high (air conditioner bil) (5 Star AC) and many times the electricity bill comes so much that it comes out of your budget. gets out.

New Delhi: You must have noticed that during the summer season, there is so much heat inside the rooms that running an air conditioner (AC) does not work. The air conditioner completely cools your biggest room in a few minutes and this cold persists for a long time. However, a lot of people do not run this also because the electricity bill (air conditioner bil) (5 Star AC) comes more and many times the electricity bill comes so much that it is in your budget. Falls out of. In such a situation, today we are going to give you some simple tips, with the help of which the electricity bill will be very useful despite running the AC for the whole day.

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Buy five star ac

You must have seen that every AC is given a star rating. This star rating means how much electricity you eat. This means that the more stars you take, the more your electricity bill will be. Due to the high star, the price of AC also becomes very high. However, you can easily find five star ACs. Whenever you go to buy such, first of all, note that you get a 5-star AC, this reduces your electricity bill considerably.

Run after two hours

Many people leave this way and it goes on throughout the day, which makes the room cool but when the electricity bill comes, your senses are blown away. Such people should do that you should run like this for two to two hours for 10 to 20 minutes and stop it. By doing this, you will not need more such electricity and the coolness will also remain. This method not only brings electricity but it will also keep your room completely cold.

Windows and doors of the room kept closed

Many people use such without closing the windows and doors in large rooms. We want to tell such people that if you use the air conditioner in this way, then it will also bring a lot of electricity bill and even then your room will not be cold. For this you should do that the larger the room, the more closed it is, and even after closing the window doors, use curtains, so the coolness persists for a long time and you do not have to run the air conditioner for too long. . Actually, if you open fewer window doors, the cold will stay locked inside for a long time and your month’s electricity bill comes down considerably.


  1. Article on AC Bill: It is wrongly mentioned that more stars a AC has, more electricity will be consumed and your electricity bill be.


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