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Accident was about to happen to Mouni during the round, shouted for help wearing a red pair, watch the video

Mouni Roy recently tied the knot. The actress was looking beautiful in her marriage. She took seven rounds with her boyfriend Sooraj Nambiar. There could have been an incident in the marriage with the actress, but the matter settled on the last occasion.

New Delhi: Actress Mouni Roy has finally tied the knot. On January 27, Mouni took seven rounds with her long time boyfriend Sooraj Nambiar. This marriage took place according to Malayali and Bengali customs. Mouni was looking beautiful in her marriage. Now that there is an atmosphere of marriage, then something must have gone wrong, it happened when the actress was picked up by the people and then she started shouting.

Married by two rituals

After marrying Malayali customs, actress Mouni Roy made Suraj Nambiar her husband through Bengali rituals. Social media is abuzz with pictures and videos of Sooraj and Mouni’s wedding rituals. In such a situation, there is also a video which is becoming very viral. This video is of Mouni Roy’s Bengali wedding, in which she is sitting on a generation and her brothers have raised her.

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Mouni kept falling down

Mouni Roy, who became a bride in a ruddy red couple, holds betel leaves in her hands, so that she can hide her face. In this ritual, the bride has to make 7 rounds. But in the meantime, her balance seems to be deteriorating and someone’s voice comes from behind that someone will be needed, help. At the same time, Mouni is also sitting nervously holding betel leaves in one hand, and is holding the brothers with the other hand. However, later everything goes well and she reaches the mandap with full rituals. By the way, Mouni, who is seen scared in the video, can also be heard saying to the brothers that there is no need for 7 rounds, just get one installed.

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Fear of silence

In the midst of all this, a little noise starts in the pavilion as well. At the same time, Mouni Roy was also afraid of falling from generations. That’s why Mouni tells her friends and brothers to do just one round. But they all assure them and say that all the seven rounds will be done.

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Who is Suraj Nambiar

While Mouni Roy is a well-known face of the industry, Suraj is an investment banker away from all these. Sooraj was born on 6 August in a Jain family in Bangalore, Karnataka. She did her early schooling from Jain International Residential School. Later, in 2008, he did civil engineering at RV College of Engineering, Bangalore. Apart from being a businessman, Suraj is also a Dubai-based investment banker. She also has a brother. In whose event management company Sooraj is also the co-founder. This company is based in Pune.



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