Admissions 2020: What are the challenges of online admission, how to overcome them, learn here


This time, due to Corona, the admissions process has been made completely online in almost all universities and institutes. Let’s take a look at the obstacles coming in the way of online admission.

Online Admissions 2020 Challenges: Due to Corona this year, there have been major changes in the field of education. One of these is to make the admission process completely online. This time most universities or institutes are not adopting the option of offline applications. This is being done to protect the students as well as the staff of the institute.

Online admissions are compulsions, at least in place of choice this year as there is no option left due to Corona except that the entire process can be taken forward online. While online admission has its benefits, there are also disadvantages. With the emergence of this situation, many universities or institutes are still not technologically advanced enough to complete the entire process online. Today, we know what the challenges of online admissions are for the institute as well as the students.

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Could not create user friendly application form

Prior to Corona, many institutions used online admissions as an option. In such a situation, they are not technically equipped in many places, who can handle such pressure in such a large number. Earlier every student did not fill only online forms, so they were ready to manage as many online forms as they got, but now all the forms have also gone online. With this, his computer department was also not ready for such problems. In many places there are not so many tech savvy people who are able to handle this situation. As a result of this, in many places the user friendly application system could not be created. Students had to face all kinds of problems in filling the form.

Students’ favor – Due to lack of form user friendly in some places, students had a big problem in filling them. Somewhere the forms were opened on computer, laptop but not on mobile. It was taking a lot of time to fill the form and small mistakes were being made. Students were not even satisfied with this whether everything went right or not.

What can be the possible solution – make your admission forms in such a way that easily open on more and more platforms. Due to the form of a user friendly application, students’ queries can be reduced by up to 50 percent. They take less time to fill and less techno savvy students can also fill them easily. If the files are not too heavy then it is better because everywhere wifi quality is not very good.

Staff is not ready for these challenges

Until some time ago, technology was not used as much as it is now. It is meaningless to hire a new staff and give it a new job or expect maximum output from the old staff. Those who are there have to manage everything and in such a situation it is natural to make mistakes. Along with this, technical error is such a problem for which no one can be held responsible nor can anyone be made techno-savvy overnight. Institutions are also facing problems in handling large amounts of students’ data. Data security is also a big issue that institutions are grappling with. A few days ago, DU’s data was attacked by hackers.

Students’ side- Students say that they don’t know how many times it happened that while filling the form, the photo is not being uploaded, sometimes the documents. Not only this, there was a rule to register after creating a profile in many places. In such places, the students worked hard and made a profile, but they were not uploaded. They are facing all such problems while filling online forms.

What can be possible measures – Helpline numbers or emails etc. are provided by universities and institutes to help the students, it is necessary to give quick and proper response on them. Sometimes the helpline number does not arise, many times the reply to the mail does not come for several days, it should be avoided. With this, there can be a system under which the organization reaches the confirmation mail or message students so that they can be sure that they have successfully submitted the form. Also, a chat option can be given where the problem of the student can be resolved immediately.


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