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After double mutant variant, now Corona Triple Mutants surfaced in India, raised concern

Triple mutants have also emerged in India after the double mutant variant of the corona virus. New variant variants were found in Maharashtra, Delhi and Bengal. According to scientists, mutations in viruses are increasing cases worldwide, including India.

New Delhi: The country is facing a more serious challenge in the intensifying fight against the corona virus. So far, the double mutants of the corona virus had kept the scientists worried, that now its triple mutants have also come to the fore. There have been some cases of triple mutants infected in Maharashtra, Delhi and Bengal. Triple mutation means that the three different strains of the corona virus have merged into a new variant. Scientists believe that the huge increase in new cases of infection worldwide is due to new variants of the virus. Dr. Madhukar Pai, Professor in the Department of Epidemiology at McGill University, said, ‘This is a much more transitive variant. This is making a lot of people sick very quickly. We need to change the vaccine. For this, we have to understand the disease. We need to do sequencing on a war footing. ‘

Genome sequencing of cases of new variants infecting India is a major challenge for India. Of all the cases reported so far in India, less than one percent have been genome sequencing. Genome sequencing is being done in 10 labs in India right now. According to Dr. Pai, due to the delay in detection of double mutants, it is probably due to such a rapid increase in new cases. According to him, the more the virus spreads, the more it is mutated and gets replicated. A few days ago in India, cases of double mutants were reported in Maharashtra and Punjab. Now cases of triple mutants have been found in these two states as well as in Bengal.

Triple mutants can be more deadly

According to the scientists, the study will only get information about how deadly or contagious the triple mutant variant of the corona virus is. The study found that the double mutant is not only spreading rapidly, but it is also engulfing children. Double mutants were found to be more severe pathogens.

The effect of the vaccine is also not known.

According to scientists, not much study has been done about the triple mutant variant, so it is very difficult to say which vaccine will work on it and which does not. However, of the three variants of the virus that made it triple mutants, two variants were able to dodge antibodies. Therefore, scientists believe that even triple mutants will have some ability to dodge the naturally occurring immune system against the corona virus in the body.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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