After filing ITR you did not get refund, then do this work immediately


The Income Tax Department said in a tweet that a new technologically upgraded platform (CPC 2.0) is being worked on to provide good services to taxpayers and faster processing of ITR.

New Delhi. There is no need to panic if you have filed your Income Tax Return (ITR) for the financial year 2019-20 (FY-2019-20) and you have not received the refund yet. Because the technical updatation being done to speed up the process of tax return is being considered as the reason. In fact, many taxpayers had filed ITR in June-July itself, when they did not get tax refund, they raised voice on Twitter for refund. After this, the Income Tax Department said in a tweet that a new technologically upgraded platform (CPC 2.0) is being worked on to provide good services to taxpayers and faster processing of ITR.

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No information about timeline

The department said that the income tax return of assessment year 2020-21 will be processed through CPC 2.0. Due to this the refund is delayed. However, the Income Tax Department has not given any timeline for starting the process of income tax return for migration and assessment year 2020-21 on the new CPC 2.0 platform. Currently, all types of income tax returns are processed at the Centralized Processing Center in Bangalore. With the introduction of the CPC 2.0 platform, taxpayers will get many facilities and ITR processing will be much faster.

Other reasons for delay in refund

By the way, refund is usually given 20 to 45 days after submission of ITR. But the mistake made during the taxpayer’s ITR filling may be the reason for its delay. Refund may be delayed even if taxpayer information is not found correct.

Check the refund status

step-1 like this. Visit the department’s website

Step-2. To find out the refund status, fill the PAN number and the year for which the refund is due and enter the captcha code.

Step-3. After this, click on the Proceed button. After doing this, tax refund status will come on the screen.

This is another way

step 1. Log into your income tax account on the Income Tax portal.

Step-2. After logging in, go to the My Accounts tab and click on Refund / Demand status given there.

Step-3. After this, fill the assessment year whose refund status is to be checked. After doing this, the income tax refund status will come on the screen.

How income for tax refunds to Riishyu request

Step 1. Log on to the e-filing portal

Step-2. Go to My Account tab and click on Servic Request Link.

Step-3. After this, select New Request in Request Type and then select Refund Reissue in the Request Category.

Step 4. After clicking on submit, you will get information about PAN number, return type, assessment year, assessment number and refund failure.

Step-5. Go to Response Column and click on Submit, in which you will see prevalidated bank accounts.

Step-6. After this, click on the bank accounts in which the amount of tax refund is to be paid and after selecting the bank, click on Continue.

Step-7. Go to popup and click on OK. If the information given by you is found correct, then you will have to click on the e-verification option in the dialog box. In this, you have to generate an electronic verification code (EVC), Aadhaar OTP and then inter for request submission.

Step-8. After this, you will get the message of success of refund refund request submission.

See how to refund refund request status

step-1. Go to the e-filing portal and log on to

Step-2. After this, click on My Account

Step-3. Click on Service Request.

Step 4. In the Request Type, click on View Request.

Step-5. After this, click on Refund Reissue in the Request Category.

Step-6. Finally click on the Submit tab.


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