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After pole dance, Nia Sharma did ‘Hula Hoop’, people asked- Do you also rotate the bicycle tire?

One of the bo*ldest actresses of TV, Nia Sharma has got the ghost of doing something different these days. To get the attention of the fans, Nia is ready to spend anything on social media. Recently she tried pole dance and shared its video for her fans, while now she has shown hula hoop with the ring. Nia had collapsed during pole dance, so did the same thing happen with hula hoop. Here’s a viral video of Nia doing hula hoop…

A post shared by Nia Sharma (@niasharma90)

Nia Sharma has shared the latest video on her official Instagram account. In this video she is trying hula hooping. In hula hoop, you have to take a ring and bring it near your waist and rotate it. All the attention of the person doing this is focused on the fact that the ring should not fall in any case. Nia Sharma did it in a very perfect way. And fans are also very fond of this video of her. Talking about the outfit, Nia is wearing white colored sports shorts and bra, she is also wearing a matching crop top to complete her look. Although people did not desist from trolling, one asked- Do you also rotate the tire of a bicycle?

A post shared by Nia Sharma (@niasharma90)

Earlier, Nia has also been seen doing pole dance. She started her practice by putting a pole in her own house. In this video, the Naagin actress is wearing black shorts and sports bra and is practicing on a pole. While sharing the video, she has also expressed her pain in the caption. While sharing the video, Nia wrote- ‘It looks like the bones will break. But, the best part is motivation. actress song

A post shared by Nia Sharma (@niasharma90)

Let us inform that recently Nia’s new music video ‘Phoonk Le’ has been released, which is being discussed a lot everywhere. Nia’s bo*ld and bo*ld style is being seen once again in this music video, the actress also promoted it fiercely from TV to social media.



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