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Agra News: Efforts will be made to speed up Agra Master Plan-2031, draft will be ready in March

Agra Master Plan – 2031 draft will be ready by March. The private company has got this responsibility. Currently, door to door survey is being done. This is the first time that the master plan will be ready for 10 years. Earlier master plans were for 20 years. For the first time, a satellite image map of the city has been prepared in Master Plan 2031. On this basis, the survey is being done by the private company across the city. There is going to be a meeting under the chairmanship of ADA Vice President Devendra Singh at 12:00 pm on Thursday afternoon.

So far 2 master plans have been made in Agra city. Master plan 2021 is currently in force. Under this, 7 zones were to be built in the city, but due to the negligence of ADA officers, so far, only one to two zones have been prepared. At the same time, zonal parks have also not been developed. Only one zonal park has been completed, it is in Tajnagiri. Two years ago, on the orders of the Central Government, a new master plan is being prepared in more than 40 cities of the state, including Agra. The draft of the Agra Mahayana 2031 will be ready in March, while its proposal will be sent to the government in August. After getting approval from the government, the new master plan will be implemented. An official of the Agra Development Authority said that at present, door to door survey is being done by private company at a slow speed. Due to this, drafting within the stipulated period is difficult. Company officials will be asked by when the draft will be ready.

May contain some part of master plan

Master Plan 2031 may contain some portion of the current Master Plan. This includes the Agra Metro project, the construction of bus bases at seven locations in the city.



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