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Airport Rules Change: Now these items cannot be taken in the plane during travel, otherwise fine will be imposed

Airport Rules Change: Often people are not aware of what things are not allowed in flight. But, it is important for you to know this before traveling by flight. Especially the passengers traveling to Dubai. If you are planning to go to Dubai, then this news is very useful for you.

Airport Rules Change: Keeping in mind the safe flight, the airport has made some changes in its rules. These special changes are for Dubai flight passengers. Generally, people can carry essential items like medication, especially medicines, in the cabin bag. But now this will not be possible in the flight going to Dubai. You cannot carry all types of medicines. According to the new rules, you will have to carry only permitted items.

Changes in Dubai flight baggage rules

Many times people unknowingly carry such things with them, which can be considered a legal offense to carry in a flight. What you can and cannot pack in cabin baggage along with check-in luggage on your Dubai flight. If you are planning to go to UAE i.e. Dubai then this is useful news for you. You have to follow many rules while traveling to Dubai. You have to be careful about the kind of stuff they are carrying in their bags.

These products cannot be carried in the bag

  • Cocaine, heroin, poppy seeds and drugs that cause dizziness.
  • Betel leaves and some herbs etc. also cannot be taken.
  • The transportation of ivory and rhinoceros horn, gambling tools, three-layer fishing nets and goods imported from boycotted countries will also be considered a crime.
  • Printed material, oil paintings, photographs, books and stone sculptures also cannot be taken.
  • Fake currency, home cooked food and even non-veg food cannot be carried.
  • If any passenger is found carrying prohibited items, legal action can be taken against him.

You can take these products with payment

During your trip to Dubai, there are many products which need to be paid for in advance. This list includes plants, fertilizers, medicines, medical equipment, books, cosmetics, transmission and wireless devices, alcoholic drinks, personal care products, e-cigarettes and electronic hookahs.

Can’t take some medicines

  • Betamethodol
  • Alpha-methylphenanil
  • Cannabis
  • Codoxime
  • Fentanyl
  • Poppy Straw Concentrate
  • Methadone
  • Opium
  • Oxycodone
  • Trimeperidine
  • Phenoperidine
  • Cathinone
  • Codeine
  • Amphetamine
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Shyamu Maurya
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