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Al qaeda osama bin laden letter viral he ordered to kill barack obama to make biden president

Osama bin Laden: A decade ago, the dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden wanted Joe Biden to become the President of America, for this he even ordered the assassination of Obama. The reason for this has now been revealed.

Osama Bin Laden Letter: Osama Bin Laden , the dreaded terrorist of Al Qaeda, wrote a letter before his death, which is now going viral. In this, he ordered the organization’s hit squad to kill then US President Barack Obama and former CIA director General David Petros. But he asked to leave Biden, who was the vice president in the Obama administration. Bin Laden had said, ‘Biden is not fully prepared for the presidency and if he becomes president after Obama is killed, then America will be in trouble.’Also Read: Kareena Kapoor son Jeh turns six months old shares photo on social media

This 45-page letter, written by bin Laden in 2010, is included in the documents that were found from the terrorist’s compound in Pakistan. Where he was put to death by American soldiers in 2011 (Osama Letter Joe Biden). Bin Laden asked two teams to be stationed in Pakistan and Afghanistan to “target the plane of one of them” to kill Petros and Obama during their visits.Also Read: Know about baby doll song fame kanika kapoor net worth

Biden’s criticism

This letter was first published in the year 2012. But now it has once again come into the limelight because American troops have withdrawn from Afghanistan and the Taliban has come to power (Taliban Afghanistan News). And the whole world is pointing fingers at Biden. He is being criticized a lot that he has left Afghanistan in difficult times. According to bin Laden, “9/11 and the subsequent US invasion of Afghanistan has “instilled sympathy among Muslims for their fellow mujahideen.”Also Read: Want to make your WhatsApp chat interesting here is how you can do it by changing font

close ties with the Taliban

The Taliban and Al Qaeda are considered close to each other. When America’s World Trade Center was attacked, it was blamed on Osama bin Laden (Al Qaeda Relations With Taliban). The news came that he is hiding in Afghanistan. After which America attacked Afghanistan and in 2001 overthrew the Taliban from power. After becoming president this year, Biden had decided to withdraw his troops from this country. The withdrawal was not even complete when the Taliban once occupied Afghanistan. It is being called even the failed mission of America.Also Read: Hdfc life sampoorn samridhi plus limited period and whole life insurance plan gives double maturity benefits

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