Alert ! If the high security number plate is not installed yet, the difficulties will increase, will not be able to do this work related to the vehicle

The HSRP hologram sticker is placed in the high security number plate, on which the engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle are attached. This number is written with the help of pressure machine.

High Security Number Plate: Recently many states have made it mandatory to put high security number plate on their vehicle. This means that without a high security number plate, neither you can drive nor do any work related to it. Therefore, if you have not installed the High Security Number Plate yet, then get this work done first.

How is high security number plate

The high security number plate carries an HSRP hologram sticker, which bears the engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle. Actually, this high security number plate has been made keeping in mind the safety and convenience of the vehicle. Apart from this, this number is written with the help of pressure machine.

This number plate will be like a pin, which will be connected to your vehicle. Once this pin is grasped by the plate from your vehicle, it will be locked from both the sides and will not be opened by anyone. This means that no one can tamper with your number plate.

Without HSNP (High Security Number Plate) this work will not be possible.

  • Duplicate copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate
  • Vehicle Registration, Transfer
  • Address change, renewal
  • Registration
  • No objection certificate
  • Cypothecation approval
  • Cancellation of hypothecation
  • New permit
  • Temporary permit
  • Special permit
  • National permit
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