All You Need To Know About The New SBI Doorstep Banking Services

All You Need To Know About The New SBI Doorstep Banking Services

The State Bank of India ( SBI) serves its customers with door-step banking services. Under the doorstep banking services, the cash is handled. This facility provides customers on their doorsteps with the comfort of banking facilities. 

SBI doorstep pick-up facilities 

  • New slips for cheque book issuing
  • (Jeewan Praman) Life Certificate: This facility will be effective from next month (1 November 2020) onwards.
  • Cheque facility

SBI doorstep delivery facilities

  • Account statement of the holder
  • Drafts/Form 16 certificate
  • Term deposit statements
  • Cash delivery and pickup

Charges applied for SBI doorstep banking services

Below are the charges required for using SBI doorstep banking services

Financial Services (GST applied)

  • Cash deposit- Rs 75
  • Cash payment / withdrawal- Rs 75
  • Pick up of Cheque/Instrument- Rs 75
  • Pick up of Cheque Book Requisition Slip- Rs 75

Non-financial Services (GST applied)

  • No charges are applied for term deposit guidance & Statement of a savings bank account.
  • Duplicate statement of current account: Rs 100

Cash deposit limit

  • Only 1 transaction is allowed per day
  • Maximum up to Rs 20,000 per transaction and minimum Rs 1000 per transaction

Cash withdrawal or delivery limit

  • Only 1 transaction is allowed per day
  • Minimum transaction cap Rs 1000 up to a maximum of Rs 20,000

How customers can reap the benefits of SBI doorstep banking services?

  • Customers of SBI who wish to use this doorstep service must call the toll-free number 1800111103 from their registered mobile number between 9 am and 4 pm on business days.
  • Upon connecting the call, the customer must insert the last 4 digits of the savings bank / current account number over which the doorstep banking service is approved.
  • After initial authentication, the call will be forwarded to the Contact Centre Representative, who will report the request after the second / additional authentication.
  • Specifics of the request and the chosen time of arrival of the service (9 am to 5 pm) must be provided by the customer.
  • The customer will receive an SMS with a case ID and form of request until the request is approved.
  • The request will be redirected to the Doorstep Banking Representative, who will call the customer and arrange a visit.
  • At the chosen time the customer’s registered address will be accessed by the Doorstep Banking Agent (DSA) and his photo ID and the legally legitimate document will be shown to the customer.
  • The Doorstep Banking Agent (DSA) will also verify the Photo ID and official valid document of the customer for authentication.
  • The Doorstep Banking Agent (DSA) will initiate the request of the customer through Doorstep Banking web portal in the mobile carried by him or her. In order to trigger the transaction, the customer must enter the Case ID and Verification Code on the web page.
  • To complete the transaction, the customer will receive an SMS on his or her registered mobile number.



  1. Very good initiative step towards advanced banking systems… and should get think about the same regarding loans also.


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