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Amala Paul is too bo*ld, took off her clothes in front of 15 people for a scene

Amala Paul: Amala Paul does not hesitate to do bo*ld scenes at all. She gave a nude scene for the film ‘Adai’, which was discussed a lot. She shot this scene suit in front of dozens of people.

Amala Paul Bo*ld Scene in Aadai: Actress Amala Paul’s film ‘Adai’ was very much discussed in the year 2019. In this film, she created panic by giving nude scenes. For just one scene, Amala took off her clothes in front of the camera. Although shooting this scene was not easy for Amla at all.

Amla was nervous before the shoot

Amla was very nervous before shooting this scene. During an interview with The Hindu, Amala Paul had said, ‘When I reached the set, I was feeling very stressed. I was restless to know what was happening on the set. Who will be there? Is there a system of security there or not.

Nude scene given in front of 15 people

Amala Paul further told that 15 people were present on the set. If I didn’t have faith in the crew members, I would never have done this scene. Amala also told that the director had also given her the option of resorting to costume, but she refused and said that you do not worry, I will do this scene.

Had made up my mind to leave the industry

Before ‘Adai’, Amala Paul had made up her mind to leave the film industry. She also talked about this. She said, ‘I told my manager that I want to leave the industry because the synopsis I am getting from filmmakers all seem like lies. Yes, these films are women centric but the concept is very simple. Like a rape victim, taking revenge or a wife who supports her husband and a sacrificing mother. I didn’t want to be a part of such lies.

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Appeared in this series

Amala Paul was recently seen in the web series ‘Ranjish Hi Sahi’, in which the love story of the 70s was shown. The story of this film revolves around Shankar (Tahir Raj Bhasin), Aamna Parvez (Amala Paul) and Anju (Amrita Puri). However, people did not like this series much.



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