Amazon Flipkart Myntra ShopClues Discount Offers: Many products in less than 100 rupees, hurry up, don’t miss the offer

Amazon Flipkart Myntra ShopClues Discount Offers: Many products in less than 100 rupees, hurry up, don't miss the offer
Amazon Flipkart Myntra ShopClues Discount Offers: Many products in less than 100 rupees, hurry up, don't miss the offer

When it comes to online shopping, most people think of Amazon and Flipkart. They are also considered as the most trusted e-commerce platform in the country. However, apart from these, there are many such e-commerce platforms which remain in the headlines due to their product quality and discounts.

If you are also going to shop online in this festive season, then you should know about these platforms. Here we are telling you about these platforms according to different products and segments…

Amazon & Flipkart: Best Electronics, Mobiles, Accessories, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances

If you are planning to buy Smartphone, Laptop, Electronics Item, Home Appliance, Kitchen Appliance or any accessories. Then both Amazon and Flipkart are the best platforms. Here you will not only get any product at a very low price. Rather, the product will also be guaranteed to be original. Both these platforms also sell many exclusive products from different companies. These days, huge discounts are also being available on both the platforms.

Myntra & Nerd: Topwear, Footwear, Kids Items, Toys, Living & Beauty Products Best

The better Amazon and Flipkart are for gadgets and electronics. Same way Myntra for products like clothes and shoes. Myntra has carved a niche for itself for online shopping of clothes and shoes. The products coming from Myntra are original. This is the reason why the company has strengthened its hold in this segment. Now idiots have also joined this segment. Like Myntra, it is also offering the best deals on items like topwear, footwear, accessories in both mens and womens categories.

ShopClues: Deals Like Daily Use Products, Combo Packs, Refurbished Phones, Products Under Rs.100

If you want to buy cheap or combo products then ShopClues is a better option. However, here you do not get much branded products. Deals run on different day to day basis on this e-commerce platform. In which deals under 100 rupees are the most popular. From here you can buy many Made in India products at very low prices. If you want to buy Diwali decoration items then you will find cheap options here. Also decoration wallpapers are also available in less than 100 rupees.

Also check offline offers and prices before shopping online

Many offers are given in the online and offline market regarding Navratri and Diwali. These offers include many products including phones, electronics, home appliances, gadgets, accessories, fashion wear. However, it is not necessary that the offers on online shopping are always beneficial. Experts also say that offline shopping is better.

1-Ratan Kumar Jain, associated with Delhi Yarn Merchant Association (DYMA), says that customers have to roam many shops to buy from the market. It consumes both time and petrol, whereas during online shopping, this work is done in a few minutes. The big advantage of shopping from the market is that the product the customer is buying is in front of him. For example, while buying a cloth, he is able to see both its quality and size. You can also try and see the clothes. This is not the case online. There are many online products that are not available by searching offline. Because of this, most of the customers go towards online shopping.

2-Omprakash Gupta, associated with the Madhya Pradesh Electric Merchants and Contractors Association, says that when buying a product from the offline market, the shopkeeper is responsible for that product. For example, if there is any defect or other deficiency in it, then it should be removed by hand. Customers who shop online do not get this kind of service. As far as online price is concerned, it can be low on select products, other products always cost more. However, many times the customers do not even try to know the price in the market.

3-Anshul Bansal, Honor of Mangalam Electronics, which sells electronics products, says that the product purchased through online shopping is original, it is not always safe. It can be a first copy or even a gray market product. Such customers who buy products online are not able to check that the product they are buying is correct. When such a product requires warranty, the customer comes to know that it is original and has to worry. Many times the old or second hand product is sold to the customer.


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