Amazon India completely stopped using single use plastic


Amazon India today announced the removal of all single-use plastics used in packaging from over 50 fulfillment centers in India. To fulfill this goal, the company had vowed in September 2019 that by June 2020, the company would stop using single-use plastic 100%.

Amazon India has taken several steps towards the complete removal of single-use plastics in its own supply network. The completion of this target began in December 2019 when the company incorporated plastic packaging materials, such as bubble wraps and paper cushions to air pillows, into its packaging. The company introduced 100 percent plastic-free and biodegradable paper tape earlier this year, which is used to seal and safely ship customer shipments.

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In addition, the company has also removed thin cling films used for customer delivery, among other materials, that are not single-use plastic in nature. All packaging from Amazon Fulfillment Centers is 100% recyclable. Amazon India is making its sellers aware of this.
The company announced earlier this month that it had expanded packaging-free shipping (PFS) to more than 100 cities as part of its India-First initiative. Now, more than 40 percent of the customer deliveries sent from Amazon India Fulfillment Centers will be either packaging-free or with very little packaging.



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