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Amazon launched Prime Store in India, will be able to watch movies without subscription, know how

Amazon Prime Video has been launched in India. With this you can rent the movie. You will not need prime membership for this.

Amazon Prime Video has launched Amazon Prime Store for users in India. This service has been launched for both Prime subscribers and non-subscribers. With this service of Amazon, Indian users will be able to rent international and regional movies.

This service is very good for those who do not want to take Amazon’s monthly plan. That is, users can rent their favorite movie instead of taking a monthly subscription to watch it. This service of Amazon Prime Video is similar to the Rent a Movie option of Google YouTube.

Apart from subscribers, the Prime Video Store can also be accessed by non-subscribers. That is, if you want to rent a movie on Amazon Prime, then you will not need a Prime subscription.

You can watch a movie by taking it on rent. The range of movies available on Amazon Prime ranges from Rs 69 to Rs 499. When users rent a movie, it can be watched on Prime for 30 days.

But, this will happen until the user starts watching the movie. Once the movie starts, the user will get only 48-hours to finish the movie. If the deadline is missed, the user will not have access to the film.

To rent a movie from Amazon Prime Store, you must first open the Amazon Prime Store. You can open it on app or PC browser. After opening the Prime Store website, you have to go to the Store tab.

Then after this you can select the movie you want to rent. When you click on the Rent button, you will be asked to sign in to your Amazon account. After this, you can rent the movie by selecting the payment method and paying. Live TV



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