America: Pregnant woman had run away with a child after cutting her stomach, this will be given death


Washington. In America, a woman is being sentenced to death in the crime of Murder. The US police department said that a pregnant woman was killed by a pregnant woman. The criminal woman did not stop even after executing this incident. He took out her child by cutting a pregnant woman’s stomach (Slit Stomach and Ran away) and escaped. The charges against the woman have been proved and now she will be sentenced to death by injecting poison on 8 December. In the US, any woman is being sentenced to death after 67 years. After nearly 20 years of stay in the US, the death penalty has been restored again 3 months ago.

The girl is now 16 years old, orders to be handed over to father

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Montgomery is now 52 years old and has been kept in Indiana jail. Here he will be given 8 death sentences. The girl is now 16 years old and the court ordered her to be handed over to her father. A 36-year-old woman named Montogamery, strangled by a rope and killed an 8-month-old pregnant, reached the home of 23-year-old Bobby Steinett on the pretext of buying a dog in 2004. After this, Montgomery strangled the 8-month-old pregnant steinette with a rope and then tore her stomach and escaped with the child. Police arrested Montgomery.

Montgomery was produced by the police in a court in Missouri, where he confessed to his crime. He was convicted of kidnapping and murder in 2008, four years after the murder. Montgomery approached several federal courts, but his conviction was upheld everywhere.

Significantly, the last time a woman was given death sentence in the US in 1953. In the last 67 years, no woman has been given the death penalty. There is a prevalence of hanging in capital punishment in India.



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