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America will make another quad together with Pakistan-Afghanistan-Uzbekistan, what will be its purpose?

The US, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan will form another Quad alliance to enhance regional connectivity.

The US, along with India, Australia and Japan, formed the Quad to challenge the Indo-Pacific and South China Sea. Through this, China has also been challenged and an attempt has been made to surround Beijing. But now preparations are being made to form another ‘Quad Alliance’ under the leadership of America. The thing to note here is that India’s neighboring country Pakistan is also going to be included in this alliance. It has been told that it will be used to increase regional connectivity in Central Asia.

The Joe Biden administration in the US has said that the US, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan have agreed in principle to establish a new quadrilateral diplomatic platform focused on increasing regional connectivity. . The US State Department said on Friday that all sides regard long-term peace and stability in Afghanistan as vital to regional connectivity. They agree that peace and regional connectivity are being mutually strengthened..

The leaders of the four countries will meet in the coming months
The State Department said that recognizing the historic opportunity to open up interregional trade routes, all sides intend to cooperate to expand trade, build transit links and strengthen mutual trade ties. All the parties have agreed to meet in the coming months to determine the modalities for this with mutual consent and mutual cooperation, the department said. However, the formation of this alliance is not a matter of tension for India, because India is already involved in the Quad alliance with America.

The purpose of the new Quad will be peace in Afghanistan

The purpose of this new Quad coalition will be focus on peace and stability in Afghanistan. Significantly, since the withdrawal of US security forces, the period of violence in Afghanistan has intensified. The Taliban has captured many of the country’s major cities and it has claimed that the group controls 85 percent of the country. The US has even said that the Afghan government may fall within five months after the complete withdrawal of security forces. In such a situation, a strategy can be made about Afghanistan through this alliance, so that peace can be established by coordinating with the Taliban.

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