Amidst the lockdown, the Income Tax Department told how to get the tax refund money quickly, just have to do this work

The Income Tax Department has so far issued an income tax refund of Rs 26,424 crore to 16.84 lakh taxpayers.

new Delhi. The Income Tax Department has so far issued tax refunds worth Rs. 26,424 crore to 16.84 lakh taxpayers amidst the lockdown issued across the country. Refunds are being issued by the IT department to ensure that people do not face the problem of cash amidst the COVID-19 crisis. But many people are having trouble getting refunds. Keeping this in mind, the Income Tax Department has shown an easy way to get tax refund.

Come, learn about it …

The process of claiming income tax refund has become even easier now. To get a refund, your bank account must be pre-validated.

After filing income tax return, make sure in which account you need refund amount. If the account you want a refund is not pre-validated, then get it done first because now only e-refunds will be issued.

Apart from pre-validation, it is also important that your account is linked to a permanent account number ie PAN.

If it is not so, the refund amount will not reach your account. Experts say that if you want to claim refund, then make sure the bank account is pre-validated and linked to PAN.

Now the Income Tax Department will issue only e-refunds, so the refund amount will be sent only to those accounts which will be linked with PAN.

These tax benefits will reach only those bank accounts which are linked to PAN and are pre-validated on the Income Tax e-filing website (

If your PAN is not registered or linked to your bank account, then first of all go to the branch of the bank in which you have an account. Get the PAN account linked there.

Let us tell you that the Income Tax Department has also released a video related to this. Seeing this, pre-validation can be done easily.

First step –  First you have to login your account by going to Your User ID will be your Permanent Account Number (PAN).

Second step – After login, you go to the Profile Settings tab and select the option Pre-validate your bank account.

Third step – If any of your other accounts are already pre-validated, then it will appear on the screen. But no account is pre-validated or you want to receive refund in another account, then click on ‘Add’.

Fourth step-Now a new page will open in which you will have to fill the details like bank account number, account type, IFSC, bank name, bank branch, mobile number and email ID etc. The thing to keep in mind here is that you will have to provide the details of the same mobile number and email ID as given in the bank.

Step five – Click on ‘Pre-Validate’. A message will appear on the screen, which will say – Your pre-validating bank account request has been submitted. Its status will reach you through e-mail and SMS. You can also check the status by going to ‘Profile Settings’ option on the income tax e-filing website. If you want to delete the details of an account from an e-filing account, you can go to Profile Settings and select the option of Remove.

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If you want to check which accounts have failed pre-validation, then you have to click on ‘View Failed / removed bank accounts’. Here you will get information about the reason for not validating the accounts or the reason for deletion.


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