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Anil Kapoor will also separate from his wife, will marry this actress 30 years younger

Bollywood superstar Anil Kapoor is always in the discussion about his youth. Actor Anil Kapoor has entertained the fans with his acting for many decades. Let us tell you that actor Anil Kapoor has given his 38 years to the film industry. Anil Kapoor is one such artist, on whom girls are still impressed. Even the boys want to know the secrets of their youth. As much as actor Anil Kapoor is famous for his acting, he is also known for his physique. He is so fit that people always ask him what he does to stay fit. By the way, many film stars resort to plastic surgery to look young. In such a situation, many rumors keep flying about Anil Kapoor’s fitness. Some say that they drink snake blood to stay fit, while some say that they have got plastic surgery done.

Recently, Anil Kapoor reached famous actor Arbaaz Khan’s famous show Pinch. In the midst of the conversation, actor Arbaaz Khan also asked actor Anil Kapoor this question about what he does to look young. Then he answered this and said that he does not do anything special to make him look young. He told that he only remembers God. He says that out of the 24 hours of our busy life, we must take out some time for God. Along with this, the actor also gave a befitting reply to those who say that Anil Kapoor adopts many tips to stay young.

Apart from this, recently it is also rumored that actor Anil Kapoor is going to divorce his wife. It is also being said that he will also marry an artist younger than his age. Actually, actor Anil Kapoor had arrived to be a part of the show Koffee with Karan. Karan Johar was questioning and answering him, in which Karan Johar asked Anil Kapoor that if you had to leave your wife for an actress, which actress would you choose. Then the actor pointed towards actress Kangana Ranaut. People took this joke of Anil seriously and started speculating that the actor is going to divorce his wife.



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