Archana Puran Singh, ‘Main Idiot Hoon’ came live and spoke to the fans, became the actress of The Kapil Sharma Show


Expressing her happiness, actress Archana Puran Singh, meanwhile, was filled with emotions and started thanking fans with spiked eyes.

The Kapil Sharma Show: Shaan Archana Puran Singh of the Kapil Sharma Show shared a video with his fans. Archana is very happy in the video as well as emotional. Archana addresses her fans and says that she now has 1 million followers. Expressing her joy, the actress meanwhile was filled with emotions and started thanking fans with spiked eyes.

Actress Archana Puran Singh said in the video- ‘Hi Guys 1 million thank you very much. I have shared this journey with you. When I came 40 years ago, I felt that she was enough. I have come a long way. But during this lockdown I have set another new journey with you. You guys told me thank you that you have helped us a lot in this lockdown, through videos.

Archana further said- ‘But I want to say that you have helped me so much. What I shared with you in this lockdown also helped me a lot in getting out of that time. There is no lockdown yet Kovid has time. Our journey is still going on. This is a very beautiful journey. I become very emotional every time I was thinking I will not be this time. ‘

Archana further said- ‘I am addressing many people at this time. I know many of you. The comments of you people are very good and touching. Thanks Oh I’m Sorry I Mn Idiot. I become emotional.

Let me tell you, actress Archana is seen laughing loudly in Kapil Sharma’s show. Before Archana Puran Singh, who was sitting in a big throne in Kapil’s show, Navjot Singh used to be seen in the place of Sidhu Archana in this show. A few days ago there were also reports that Kapil Sidhu may bring Paaji back on the show. Fans were seen saying, ‘Is Archana Puran Singh’s chair in danger?’

Actually, Kapil Sharma went to his home in Punjab Amrut to meet Navjot Singh Sidhu. Kapil himself shared these photos from his Insta account. In the photos, Kapil Sidhu was seen eating parathas with Paaji.


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